Fan Warns Guests About “AWFUL” and “LAME” Disney Ride: “Don’t Make the Same Mistake”

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Every Disney fan has an option on what theme Park rides and attractions they love and which ones they will skip. There are many different options at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, which makes it so every Guest can find the perfect attraction to suit their preferences. However, some Guests feel more strongly about their least favorite rides than others. One Guest had such a bad experience on a classic Disney ride that they are now warning other Guests to stay away from it at all costs.

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Ride Leaves Guest Sick and Traumatized

The goal of every Guest visiting Walt Disney World is to leave their vacation with a plethora of magical memories to take home with them. Noone spending their money at Disney wants anything to ruin their trip. Unfortunately, one Guests trip was ruined after they became incredibly ill on an iconic ride at Disney.

The ride in question is Mission: SPACE located in World Discovery at EPCOT. Disney describes this ride, saying, “Blast off on a thrilling simulated NASA-style mission to Mars—or orbit the Earth on a more gentle ride through space.”

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This Guest is not the first to call out how sickening Mission: SPACE is for many fans. Disney describes this ride as an “intense experience,” and they offer many opportunities to back out of the ride. Unfortunately, this Guest disregarded the warnings and rode the coaster anyways. They shared their experience in a Disney Reddit group, saying;

“Don’t make the same mistake. What an awful ride.”

“Yes, yes, we heard all the warnings about motion sickness. But I’ve seen those same warnings before on most roller coasters and had no issue. They give you ample opportunities to back out, but we thought, how bad could it be? Boy, were we ever wrong.”

“Shame on me for not researching it prior. Or maybe I should have looked more closely at why there was never a long wait. But if I had been able to see the actual structure of the ride and realized it was basically like one of those Gravitron spinners from the county fair, I would have realized what I was getting into.”

“It basically ruined most of our morning and I didn’t feel fully stable until the next day.”

“And here’s the biggest problem aside from the motion sickness…The ride is LAME! It’s not fun. Other rides do immersive motion with screens so much better. Hopefully this attraction is on the short list for replacement asap.”

Mission: SPACE

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Guest Encourages Disney to Replace Ride

This ride has received a lot of negative feedback in the past for this exact reason, especially the “orange mission” option of the ride. For Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort, it is always important to take any warnings by Disney seriously. It is unfortunate to see someone’s Disney trip ruined for this reason.

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