Guest FURIOUS After Being KICKED OUT of Disney for Dangerous Trend

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Enough is enough!

Running a theme Park, especially one the size of Disney’s, is dangerous. There are so many inherent risks that come with the territory. The Walt Disney Company has always prioritized safety in Disney Parks. When visiting any Disney theme Park, Guests will be given clear instructions on how to ride every ride and attraction to make sure that Guests are always safe and secure.

Unfortunately, some Guests choose to override these safety measures in hopes of having a more “thrilling” experience. A dangerous trend went viral earlier this year where Guests chose to unclip their seatbelts on a dangerous ride at Disneyland Resort. Now, the Walt Disney Company is cracking down on anyone participating in this trend.

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Disney is Out of Patience

One Guest was enjoying a day at Disneyland Resort when they decided to rise Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT! This ride is full of a lot of drops, and Disney always makes sure that Guests have their seatbelts tightly fasted. The new trend for thrill-seeking Guests is to loosen or remove the seatbelts entirely on this ride.

Mission Breakout

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This Guest explained that they were encouraged by their brother to try the trick. They decided they would, and they loosened their seatbelt once the ride had begun. According to the Guest, the ride was shut down almost immediately after they loosened their seatbelt. The Guest was quickly removed from the ride and kicked out. They say;

If you’re not aware (as I was), loosening or completely removing your seatbelt on the Guardians’ ride has become a thing. So much so, the Mouse cracked down on it this year with new signs on the ride. Signs that I did not see because, come on, safety signs are so ubiquitous, they’re white noise.

Anyway, it’s been several years since I’ve been at the parks and I had no idea of any of these developments. But, I have been on the Tower of Terror more times than I can count and I have done this “seatbelt trick” more times than I can count, well before anyone on TikTok popularized it was born.

When I was young, my brother and I would get in line over and over again, doing the seatbelt loosening thing. As adults, we did it again, for old times sake, while it was still Tower of Terror back in 2015. Great fun and bonding ensued.

(Note: we never removed out seatbelts, only gave us about 6-10 inches of slack)

Flash to today, I’m group chatting my whole family, telling them my wife and I are about to go on Guardians and my brother encourages me to “do the seatbelt trick!”. Something I wasn’t considering, but I’m getting a little old and had an existential moment of “yeah, let’s relive those daring times”.

Long story short: I did it, they shut down the ride almost immediately, and I got escorted out without the “may” clause in the signs. They will kick you the fuck out.

I was completely honest with everyone, security was great, 10/10. It was all at the end of the night and it didn’t ruin the day but please take note that it will ruin your day if you try it.

While the mischievous rebel in me gets to check off “getting kicked out of Disneyland” from my life events list, which is a great party story, I do want to warn anyone reading: don’t do it — the Mouse is watching (and has sensors) and they’ll throw you out.”

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Disney Fans React to Guests Plea

The comments under the post were less that favorable for this Guest. One says;

“Imagine bragging about being dumb enough to continuously put not only yourself but possibly others in danger ?”

Another comments;

“I would assume that anyone with common sense knows not to do that ? congrats on getting kicked out I guess ?”

One thing is clear: under no circumstances should you endanger yourselves or other with this risky trend.

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