Guests Horrified Over Large Amount of Vomiting Children at Walt Disney World

Children with Masks on at Disney
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These parents need to do better!

Visiting one of the Disney Parks can be very expensive. Months of planning and saving go into making your perfect Disney vacation happen. Unfortunately, sometimes despite planning and preparing, things go wrong on your vacation. It is a horrible feeling to see a Disney vacation ruined, but sometimes these things are out of your control.

Recently, numerous Guests have noticed a disgusting and horrifying phenomenon happening at Walt Disney World Resort. Instead of staying home and resting, some parents are bringing their sick children to the Parks. Guests are angry to have reported seeing a significant number of sick and vomiting children at Disney!

Children on The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

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Number of Sick Children Grows Park-Wide

This is a trend that Disney fans hope will die down fast.

One of the worst things that can happen before a Disney trip is having you or one of your family members get sick. In times of Covid-19, everyone is hyper-aware of sickness, and most people make an extra effort to stay healthy. At places like Walt Disney World Resort, germs, and viruses can be spread an incredibly high rate. The amount of high-touch surfaces in the Parks makes it a breeding ground for sickness if you do not take extra precautions.

Child with parents and balloon in front of Castle

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The best way to stop the spread of sickness in the Parks is to simply not go to a Park while you are sick. Unfortunately, this is not happening as it should be. One Guest was horrified to report a large number of sick children they encountered on a recent Disney trip. In a post on the Walt Disney World Reddit page, this user explained what happened.

Getting sick at the parks.
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After sharing her story, tons of other Guests commented that they too were experiencing the same thing. Many Guests bring up the fact that sometimes children have a hard time expressing themselves when they do not feel well, especially at an overstimulating place like Walt Disney World. Still, this is absolutely an issue that parents should be working to fix.

If you or a child is sick during a trip to any Disney Park, please stay home and recover instead of endangering the public.

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