Mysterious Disney Virus Leaves Victims Incredibly Sick

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When you are vacationing at Walt Disney World Resort, the last thing you want is to be sick. There is nothing worse than having a vacation ruined because you are feeling under the weather. Theme Parks are places that attract a lot of germs and sickness, especially during Covid times. Some horrible Disney news has come 0ut about a mysterious illness that has left numerous Guests with horrible stomach sickness. Those who are infected have reported some very severe symptoms. Disney Guests are beginning to panic as more and more visitors get sick.

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Disney Sickness Plagues Guests

When visiting Walt Disney World Resort, it is very important that all Guests make sure to wash their hands often and social distance when possible. Many Guests try to protect themselves with hand sanitizer. Unfortunately, this new sickness playing Guests cannot be prevented with hand sanitizer.

Blizzard Beach

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One sick Guest took to Reddit to share his stomach sickness after visiting a Disney waterpark, Blizzard Beach. The Guest was concerned that the sickness might have come from the water at the Park. Many other Disney Guests commented that they also have gotten this sickness after visiting Walt Disney World Resort. Their symptoms tell us more about what virus these Guests contracted.

So random but has anyone else had diarrhoea from blizzard beach?
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First things first, the sickness did not come from the water at Blizard Beach. Disney does chlorinate their water. One commenter pointed out that these Guests were likely exposed to Norovirus. Norovirus is a virus that is extremely contagious. It is common in theme Parks or other places with a lot of highly touched surfaces. Norovirus symptoms include vomiting and stomach sickness. A misconception about Norovirus is that a hand sanitizer will protect you from it. Unfortunately, this will not work, and instead, you should be washing your hands for a long period of time.

The next time you are visiting Walt Disney World Resort, make sure to be very cautious about washing your hands often. Theme Parks are full of many germs, and it is important to stay clean in order to avoid Norovirus or another sickness.

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