Disney is Charging Over $1200 for Appetizer

Blue Bayou
Credit: Disney

This has to be a joke… right?

One of the best parts of visiting Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort is experiencing all of the exciting dining options the Parks have to offer. For many Guests, experiencing the different flavors of Disney is a highlight of their Disney vacation. Unfortunately, there is a downside to eating at Disney; it can oftentimes be quite expensive.

However, one Guest shared a menu item that was truly on another level of expensive.

Blue Bayou

Credit: Undercover Tourist

Guest Shocked by Appetizer Price

It’s no secret that eating at Disney is very expensive. The price of food at Disney is higher than most Guests are used to outside of the Parks. While the food might be expensive, the quality of the meals usually makes up for the price in a way.

For many Guests visiting Disneyland Resort, planning a special meal at a nice restaurant is an essential part of their trip. Getting to spend a special evening or afternoon at one of the many incredible restaurants in the Parks is a must for many Disney fans. One of the most loved and iconic restaurants at Disneyland Park is Blue Bayou Restaurant. This restaurant is located in New Orleans Square, and it serves Cajun-Creole-themed lunches and dinners. Reservations usually book out far in advance for this restaurant.

Blue Bayou

Credit: D23

Dining at Blue Bayou is not cheap, the lunch and dinner menus range from $35-$59.99 per adult. Disneyland categorizes this restaurant as a $$$ spot. However, a post from a Guest shocked fans at one ridiculously priced menu option.

One Disney fan shared an image of the menu at Blue Bayou, showing an appetizer priced at $1,212. The appetizer was the Corn & Poblano Fritters, which come with parmesan, herbs, and remoulade sauce.

Food prices at the parks are getting insane
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Fans immediately reacted to the image. The price definitely seems to be a typo, but Guests still must have felt shocked when they saw this item on their menus. Dining at Disney is expensive, but hopefully, no appetizer will ever reach that price point!

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