Here’s How Disney Parks Can Expand the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Storyline

Disney Parks recently revealed new details about the storyline of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure but left Guests lost when it came to Tiana’s upcoming role as a princess, chef, community leader, and entrepreneur. Even so, there might be a way that the theme park mogul can introduce a more in-depth attraction theme without consolidating it to the dark ride itself.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the drop ride which will replace Splash Mountain at Disneyland and the Walt Disney World Resort as early as next year, will allegedly explore the hardworking heroine’s next chapter after opening her dream restaurant, Tiana’s Palace, at the close of 2009’s The Princess and the Frog. Now, alongside her mother Eudora, husband Prince Naveen, and beloved friend Louis the alligator, Tiana has opened a new co-op, Tiana’s Foods, inside an abandoned salt mine where her working kitchen offers lessons and good food to the families of New Orleans, inspiring its youth and its female population to strive for more and believe in themselves.

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In fact, Tiana’s new location grows all the herbs and spices she needs for her best recipes, which Guests at the Disneyland Resort will soon be able to sample once the reimagined French Market restaurant in New Orleans Square reopens as Tiana’s happy haunt as inspired by the film. Additionally, it is the manufacturing site for her unique national hot sauce line, produced by the community-owned Tiana’s Foods.

However, not all fans are so excited about the attraction’s complex and inspirational storyline, with many Guests taking to Twitter to express their boredom, confusion, or outright dislike of the new plot. Many wish the thrill ride would recreate the movie’s events, including the beloved musical numbers performed by two now-deceased characters who will not feature in the attraction, Ray the firefly and the villainous Dr. Facilier and his friends on the Other Side.

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Of course, fans will find Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Frontierland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park and between Disneyland’s New Orleans Square and Critter Country areas. Previously, some speculated that Disneyland might turn the Hungry Bear Restaurant, once tied to the now defunct Country Bear Jamboree show, into the site of Tiana’s Palace nearby the popular drop ride.

Instead, that honor goes to the father away French Market, which the Haunted Mansion separates from Splash Mountain. But what about the Hungry Bear? Well, since this location has a full kitchen and expansive dining area, it could be the perfect opportunity to make Tiana’s Foods a true reality for Guests rather than just the inspiration for a ride narrative merely alluded to in its queue.


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Specifically, the dining location could offer a walk-through tour similar to that of Disney California Adventure’s Mission Tortilla Factory or Boudin Bakery for the princess’ hot sauce line, complete with samples and special menu items straight from the community co-op. Moreover, just like Walt Disney World’s Skipper Canteen or Hong Kong Disneyland’s Explorer’s Club, Walt Disney Imagineering could elaborate on Tiana’s Foods backstory without cluttering up the ride and offer an immersive element that might very well change dubious Guests’ minds, at least in one Park!

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