Could Virginia be a Promising New Location for Disney?

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It seems that all the Disney community is talking about these days is the ongoing conflict between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company. What started as a squabble over political differences has turned into a full-fledged battle for dominance in the state of Florida. All the back-and-forths have left fans wondering if Florida is even worth the trouble. Walt Disney World Resort is such a massive source of tourism revenue that any state would happily accept it with open arms.

As tensions remain high, more and more states are pushing for Walt Disney World Resort to ditch Florida and head to another state. Most recently, the state of Virginia has thrown its hat in the rink as a potential new landing place for the theme Park.

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Virginia Could Be a Soft Place to Land for Walt Disney World

It is not easy to be unwanted by your own governor. The Walt Disney Company’s name has been dragged through the mud by Ron DeSantis, and it has gotten to the point that some fans are pushing for Disney to ditch Florida. Fans recognize that Virginia might just be the perfect place for Disney to set up camp due to the state’s political views.

One Disney fan brought up some compelling points as to why Virginia could be the perfect place for Walt Disney World’s relocation, saying;

✅Blue state.

✅Year round weather.

✅Lower risk of hurricanes.

✅Closer to their east coast audience.

✅Existing tourism economy with Busch Gardens and Williamsburg.

Slam dunk? ?️?⛹?”

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This fan is not the only one to pitch their state as the perfect new location. In the past few weeks, North Carolina, California, Texas, and Colorado have all been pitched as possible relocation areas. Unfortunately, all of these opinions, Virginia included, are likely going to come to fruition.

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Walt Disney World Will Not Move; Here is Why

Despite the trouble that DeSantis is causing Disney, there is no way that the Walt Disney Company will consider relocation at this time. A move of that scale would cost Disney billions and completely shatter the economy of central Florida. Despite DeSantis’s trouble, the Walt Disney Company is not going to abandon their Florida home.

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