Guest Complains About Disney Resort Room Cleanliness

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A Guest reports Walt Disney World Resort rooms are failing in the cleanliness category.

When visiting Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, Guests expect to receive the highest quality service and cleanliness. Disney is known for having incredible employees who are extremely diligent in providing excellent service for every customer. Disney’s treatment of their Guests is a big reason why fans come back year after year on vacation.

Unfortunately, some believe Disney’s quality control has slipped up in a significant way. Obviously, Walt Disney World Resort has a high turnaround of Guests every day, but the last thing you ever want to think about when staying on property is who is staying at the Resort.

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Disney’s Housekeeping Misses the Mark

There is no doubt about it: Disney Cast Members work incredibly hard. Thousands of employees do incredible work to make sure that the Parks and Resorts stay magical and clean every day. That is why it is unfortunate to hear about a slip-up like what happened to this Guest.

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When this Guest checked into their Walt Disney World Hotel, they noticed something extra being left behind for them. Because they weren’t sure if this was purposeful, the Guest posted the situation to the Reddit Walt Disney World page for advice. They said;

“Quick question for you all (dope me if you’ve heard it before)

I checked into my hotel room last night, went to put some stuff in the fridge and found two packs of pre-prepared sandwiches already in there. Is this common, or are they likely left overs from the previous residents of the room??”

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Unfortunately for this Guest, the answer is likely the latter. Fans sounded off in the comments expressing their disgust for the situation, claiming that it certainly means housekeeping did not do a thorough cleaning. If housekeeping didn’t notice sandwiches in the fridge, it’s scary to think about what other spots around the room they could have missed.

Hopefully, this is a freak accident and not an indicator of a deeper problem for Disney housekeeping. They are an essential part of keeping the Disney Parks and Resort running, and their success is imperative to the success of Disney.

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