Disney’s NEW Popcorn Bucket is Going to Be Like Figment All Over Again

Figment Popcorn Bucket
Credit: Disney

If there is one thing about Disney fans, they love to buy merchandise. Over the years, the Walt Disney Company has mastered the art of releasing many fantastic inventories to its millions of fans. Disney makes much money from their themed products, especially those sold in the Parks. Their genius business model makes specific merchandise like Mickey Ears and popcorn buckets feel essential within the Parks.

Usually, Disney is very good at having enough supply for their demand, but occasionally, a piece of merch becomes so popular that Disney cannot keep up. Last year, this was put on display when the sale of a Figment-inspired popcorn bucket took Disney by storm. Disney may be facing the same problem again because of the release of a new and iconic popcorn bucket.

Figment popcorn bucket

Credit: mom_on_mainstreet Instagram

Disney is Preparing for a Popcorn Bucket Craze

One of the tastiest and most cost-effective snacks on Disney property is popcorn. Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort love buying popcorn because of the convenience of having it in the parks. One of the best parts about Disney Popcorn is that they sell popcorn buckets to make carrying the snack around more accessible and more stylish.

simba popcorn buckets

Left: Black History Month Simba Popcorn Bucket (Credit: Disney). Right: Animal Kingdom Simba Popcorn Bucket (Credit: @rose_red_disney on Instagram)

Last year, Walt Disney World Resort released a popcorn bucket modeled after the iconic EPCOT character, Figment. Fans went wild for the adorable bucket, and Guests waited in lines that lasted four hours. The buckets continued to sell out, and it took weeks before Disney finally handled their issue.

Some fans think the same thing might happen with Disney’s new Popcorn bucket. The bucket is modeled after Pumbaa from The Lion King, and fans are already obsessed with it.

NEW Pumbaa popcorn bucket!
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The Pumbaa bucket is available as of today, April 22, in Animal Kingdom. As the release gains momentum, it will be interesting to see if this bucket has the same popularity as Figments.

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