Hoping to get one of those Figment Popcorn buckets? We have some sad news . . .

“Oh, to have a Figment popcorn bucket!”

“My kingdom for a Figment popcorn bucket!”

“Those Figment popcorn buckets are super cute!”

“I love Figment! He’s my favorite!”

Figment Popcorn Bucket

Credit: Disney

Do you identify with any of these? Whether you’re into the whole Figment bucket o’popcorn craze, or you’re just hoping to pick one up because it’s purple and you don’t have a purple Parks popcorn bucket yet, well, we have some sad news.

According to posts like this one via Twitter, the adorable little purple and orange Figment-themed buckets are sold out at EPCOT’s International Festival of the Arts which opened on Friday.

Credit: Tricia Kennedy

Gotta Go Orlando’s tweet confirmed the tragic news.

We’re thinking Grim Grinning Grace might be in for an upset, unless she scored one of the Figment buckets over the weekend.

While many posted about their dashed dreams of ever owning a coveted Figment bucket, others tweeted messages of hope, like fannylyn, who says not to worry if they’re unavailable at the park; watch the outlet store. You might even get a better price, according to her tweet.

The Figment popcorn buckets first became available on Friday when the International Festival of the Arts opened to Guests. Before long, wait times in the lines to purchase the buckets were four to seven hours long, but for some Guests, that didn’t seem to matter, like Jason M., who waited in line for four hours, just to purchase one bucket to give to his mom on her birthday, and one bucket to give to a total stranger at the VERY BACK of the Figment bucket line.

Credit: TikTok/@tattoodisneydad

There’s been no official word at this time from Disney about extended availability of the new buckets, and at the time of publishing, we have not heard whether the buckets will be restocked, or if they have sold out entirely.**

**But we’ve got our fingers crossed for our resident Fabulous Figment Fan, DisneyDining writer Krysten, who’s been hoping to score one at EPCOT tomorrow!

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