Disney Imagineer Gives His Figment Popcorn Bucket a Dreamfinder Twist

Dreamfinder Figment
Credit: (Left) Disney / (Right) Zach Riddley

When it comes to Walt Disney World icons, there are few who rank higher than Figment. The endearing purple dragon with two tiny wings and eyes big and yellow has been making Guests fall in love with him since 1983. Figment was first introduced in the attraction Journey Into Imagination, along with his creator, the Dreamfinder. The Dreamfinder remained a main part of the Disney Park attraction until 1998 when the ride was closed, so it could be reimagined.

Journey Into Imagination

Credit: Disney

The new attraction that opened was so unpopular that Disney closed it just four years later and reopened it once again as the Journey Into Imagination we know today. While Figment has become a bigger part of the Disney World attraction than ever before, the Dreamfinder disappeared and has not made a comeback. However, that does not mean that people have not been asking. Fans have been begging for the ride to be made over once again and want to see the return of their beloved Dreamfinder.

Credit: WDW Magazine

One of those people who has expressed his love for the Dreamfinder is Imagineer Zach Riddley. Riddley has been with The Walt Disney Company for over 18 years and is currently a New Experience Development executive for the company. Some have compared him to another legendary Imagineer, Joe Rohde, who is responsible for the creation of iconic Walt Disney World attractions like Expedition Everest and the land of Pandora.


Credit: Disney

Riddley recently managed to get his hands on one of the coveted Figment popcorn buckets and gave it his own unique spin. Riddley shared his creation on Instagram and the bucket now honors the original Figment attraction.

So I was playing around recently with the cool Figment popcorn bucket. Does anyone else see the Dreamfinder homage?? 
Zach Riddley Figment Bucket

Credit: Zach Riddley Instagram

As you can see, Riddley has added lighting to the inside of the bucket. He has also given Figment the Dreamfinder’s iconic mustache.

The Figment popcorn bucket made its debut for EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts and was the most in-demand item there. Guests waited in line for more than five hours to purchase one. They were originally sold out within two days. When the buckets returned weeks later, it was only available via mobile order, but that didn’t slow people down and the bucket sold out even faster.

Figment popcorn bucket

Credit: mom_on_mainstreet Instagram

Festival of the Arts has since ended and the bucket is not being sold, but, due to its high popularity, it is possible that Disney may decide to bring it back for next year’s Festival or even sooner.

What do you think of Zach Riddley’s unique Figment popcorn bucket?

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