8 Totally Cool Things About Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Epcot is home to some of the most amazing experiences in Walt Disney World. Journey into Imagination with Figment invites guests into the Imagination Institute where Dr. Nigel Channing is hosting a tour of the sensory labs. The tour is quickly taken over by Figment who shows guests that imagination works best when set free. In addition to a wonderful storyline and great moments, Journey into Imagination with Figment is filled with many amazing details and hidden secrets that help to bring the experience to life. From Hidden Mickeys to references to missed characters, there are plenty of great details found throughout the attraction. Here are eight totally cool things about Journey into Imagination with Figment to discover in Epcot!

8. Hidden Buzz

After entering into the indoor portion of the queue for Journey into Imagination with Figment, guests find themselves moving further and further into the Imagination Institute starting with its lobby. After a few moments, guests will find themselves moving past a room that features lots of shelving and various items that look scattered around on shelving units to the right hand side of the queue. Hidden amongst those items is a familiar face from one of the most beloved Pixar animated films. Guests should be on the lookout for a Hidden Buzz Lightyear amongst the items!

7. Whiteboard Hidden Mickey

After boarding the attraction, guests begin by moving through some of the labs dedicated to the five senses. In the sight lab, guests move past a whiteboard that features some intricate formulas and even a drawing of an eye. Those who look quickly as they pass will notice a classic Hidden Mickey also drawn on the whiteboard!

6. Table Hidden Mickey

Also in the sight scene is a table with various items scattered on the top. Many of them look like tools to help test vision in various experiments, but there is one item that forms a Hidden Mickey when viewed from the correct angle! Guests should look for a pair of headphones that feature strategically attached pieces on one end that form a classic Hidden Mickey!

5. Dean Finder

The original version of Journey into Imagination with Figment was simply called Journey into Imagination and it followed Figment and his friend Dreamfinder as they traveled around the world collecting imagination in their Dreamcatcher. The duo was beloved by many fans who were very upset to see Dreamfinder no longer present in the current version of the attraction. While the character might be gone, there is still a clever reference to him during Journey into Imagination with Figment that helps guests remember him. Guests should be on the lookout for an office door on the right hand side of the attraction that reads Dean Finder. This subtle nod is a great way to remember a missed character!

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4. Medfield College

One scene of Journey into Imagination with Figment features a large computer bank on the right hand side of the vehicles. As guests pass, they might notice a red and white letterman jacket hanging on a hook just outside the lab. The jacket is a nod to Medfield College which was the setting for classic Disney live action films such as The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and The Absent-Minded Professor.

3. No Tennis Shoes

In addition to the Medfield College jacket, there are also a pair of red tennis shoes found on the floor outside of the computer room as well as a sign that reads says no tennis shoes allowed. Both the shoes and sign are a reference to the film The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes which was set at Medfield College.

2. Onion Rings Hidden Mickey

After some mishaps in the initial few sensory labs, Figment completely takes over the tour and invites guests to enjoy his open house which happens to be completely upside down! In addition to showcasing the power of imagination, the upside down open house features some amazing details that are totally Figment. While looking up, guests can spot lots of references to the loveable purple dragon in his décor as well as a classic Hidden Mickey formed by a plate of onion rings.

1. Dream Catcher

One of the final scenes of Journey into Imagination with Figment blasts guests with a gust of air and reveals Figment in many different roles showing off the power of his imagination. While moving through the scene guests can spot the sheet music for the attraction’s beloved song “One Little Spark.” On the top of the sheet music is the silhouette of the Dreamcatcher that Figment and Dreamfinder used to travel around in collecting imagination!

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