The RARE Characters That Came To Celebrate Animal Kingdom’s 25th Anniversary

Moana, Meeko, Baloo, and Jane meet and greet character animal kingdom 25 anniversary

April is big at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom because of Earth Month, but this year was especially momentous because the theme park celebrated its 25th anniversary on Earth Day! In honor of the occasion, a bunch of rare characters visited Guests at the Disney Park for some surprise meet and greets.

Here’s the rundown of each celebratory character experience:

Tinker Bell and Fawn

Tinker Bell and Fawn meeting at Animal Kingdom 25th anniversary earth day

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Tinker Bell, famously from Peter Pan (1953) flew over to Animal Kingdom with one of her most animal-loving friends, Fawn! Fawn is from the Disney Fairies (2005) franchise and is also a resident of Pixie Hollow, Neverland.

Baloo and King Louie from The Jungle Book (1967)

Baloo and King Louie at Animal Kingdom's 25th anniversary earth day

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Baloo and King Louie for Disney’s The Jungle Book also made an appearance. While King Louie can be seen swinging around Animal Kingdom from time to time, Baloo isn’t usually with him. Guests were glad to see these two boogying together this Earth Day.

Kenai and Koda from Brother Bear (2003)

Brother Bear at Animal Kingdom's 25th anniversary earth day


Kenai and Koda from Brother Bear appeared on Discovery River, riding along on their own adventure flotilla. Kenai and Koda are very rarely seen meeting at the Disney Parks. Their movie is a story about respecting nature and animal life. Kenai is transformed into a bear after killing one and must learn from the spirits to be turned human again.

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Princess Atta from A Bug’s Life (1998)

Flik and Princess Atta at Animal Kingdom's 25th anniversary earth day

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Princess Atta from A Bug’s Life made a solo character appearance, but she’s known to meet with protagonist Flik from time to time and previously on Valentine’s Day at Animal Kingdom. She is a leader of an ant colony terrorized by grasshoppers.

Jane and Terk from Tarzan (1999)

Jane Porter and Terk at Animal Kingdom's 25th anniversary earth day

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Jane and Terk from Tarzan visited the Park without the “flying man in a loin cloth” this week. Jane is a scientist who travels from London to Africa with her father in order to study the gorilla culture, eventually falling in love with Tarzan. Terkina is Tarzan’s best gorilla friend!


DiVine at Animal Kingdom's 25th anniversary earth day

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DiVine is not necessarily a rare character because she can be found in Animal Kingdom often, but she can be really tough to spot! Usually, she blends in with the foliage, but for the Park’s anniversary, she worse some unique vibrant florals, making her pop against all the green.

Kevin from Up (2009)

Kevin at Animal Kingdom's 25th anniversary earth day

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Kevin from Up has to be one of the most impressive rare characters to attend Animal Kingdom’s 25th-anniversary bash. With her intense colors and long neck, Guests were impressed as she towered over them. Maybe she was looking for Russell and Dug, who are often found around the Kingdom.

Pocahontas and Meeko

Pocahontas and Meeko flotilla Disney's Animal Kingdom 25th anniversary

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Pocahontas and Meeko drifted by Guests with their own flotilla on Discovery River. Pocahontas is known for her passionate connection to the earth, animal spirits, and nature as a whole. Her mischievous raccoon friend, Meeko, is never far behind!

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Moana meet and greets Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Moana used this occasion to kick off her new full-time meet and greet offering at character landing! Her 2016 film was a huge hit and inspired an upcoming live-action remake.

Were you able to see any of these rare Animal Kingdom characters this week? Is there someone else you wish made an appearance?

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