This 96-Year-Old Disney Parks Character SLAYS The Food & Wine Festival

Clarabelle Cow Dancing at Disneyland Food & Wine Festival

Many Disney characters are immediately recognizable. No one thinks twice when identifying Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Pluto, but Clarabelle Cow has been around just as long – if not longer – than some of Disney’s most iconic characters.

Created by Walt Disney Pictures in 1927, Clarabelle is Minnie Mouse’s good friend and has been romantically linked to Horace Horsecollar, as well as Goofy. Basically, she’s a catch. She has periodically appeared in the Parks and is often linked to Toontown. In a popular Disney video game, Epic Mickey (2010), Clarabelle is referred to as a forgotten character!

Watch Clarabelle bust a move into Guests’ hearts and absolutely SLAY in this sassy TikTok:


♬ original sound – Marked By Magic – JC

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TikToker @DisneyAlwaysDisney, attended the Jammin Chefs Show during the Food & Wine Festival at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park and got way more jammin’ than they were plannin’.

Clarabelle Cow seriously steals the show by updating her 1920s character with some crisp modern moves. Daisy Duck, Chip, and Dale are partying with the chefs too, but who can watch them with Clarabelle tearing up the dance floor?

Original Clarabelle Cow and Minnie Mouse play the piano and violin together


The Food & Wine Festival chefs are playing pots and pans like percussion instruments, and Clarabelle is truly breaking it down. Some of the pots even sound like cowbells, cheering her on. The crowd is cheering for her too.

Clarabelle is wearing her go-to casual Park outfit. She wears an orange shirt and red skirt, with a red hat and shoes to match, accessorizing with a cowbell necklace. For this chef event, Clarabelle also wears a white apron over her ensemble.

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Clarabelle Cow poses at Disneyland Resort California

Disneyland Resort

One of the most impressive things about Clarabelle’s moves is that she manages to do it all in heels! Not just regular heels, big clunky Minnie Mouse heels that don’t seem to lend to quick movements.

Keep killing it, Clarabelle; we see your talent!

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