Hidden Mickeys in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom features some of the most stunning details and theming at the Walt Disney World Resort, truly transporting Guests to exotic and beautiful destinations that are both fictional, as well as based on locations from around the world. Amongst all of the details are also plenty of wonderful Hidden Mickeys for Guests to find, ranging from obvious to very difficult to spot.

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Hidden Mickeys are everywhere throughout all of the Walt Disney World Resort and Disney’s Animal Kingdom and they typically feature the likeness of Mickey, but they can also take the form of various other characters. The most frequent type of Hidden Mickey is a classic one that is formed by three circles that come together to form the outline of Mickey’s head, although they can also be found in profile or even full body.

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom features some amazing Hidden Mickeys for Guests to search for throughout every corner of the Disney Park, and spotting them is a great way to also slow down and take in the immense level of detail that the Imagineers have created. Let’s check out some of the best Hidden Mickeys to spot and get searching in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I didn’t include any actual photos of the Hidden Mickeys in this post as that ruins the fun of trying to find them!

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Tamu Tamu Refreshments

The village of Harambe in the Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to some amazing quick-service restaurants that offer delicious options throughout each day. Tamu Tamu Refreshments is one of those great options, and it serves sweet and savory options that Guests can enjoy on the go or in a small outdoor courtyard with lots of charm.

Harambe Market

Credit: Disney

Just steps away from the front of Tamu Tamu Refreshments, Guests should look to the ground to spot a classic Hidden Mickey that is centered around a small manhole cover. The cover makes up the main part of the large circle of the Hidden Mickey, and two smaller circles and an outline are made of carefully placed stones and rocks in the pavement.

Guests who stop into the outdoor courtyard of Tamu Tamu Refreshments can spot a Hidden Mickey that is actually a hidden image of Scar from “The Lion King.” One of the back walls of the courtyard features crumbling rockwork that looks as though it has eroded over time. Two large areas that have crumbled away look very much like lions, and one in particular has the slinky and villainous shape of Scar himself.

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Na’vi River Journey

Pandora – The World of Avatar brings Guests into the stunning and immersive Valley of Mo’ara where floating mountains loom above and two amazing attractions await. The Na’vi River Journey invites Guests to take a serene boat tour of a bioluminescent forest alive with all sorts of creatures and vegetation.

The highlight of the Na’vi River Journey is a meeting with the Shaman of the Songs, one of the most advanced animatronics ever created. While moving past the Shaman, Guests should pay close attention to the right hand side of her shawl at the bottom underneath her arm. A small classic Hidden Mickey can be found formed by three holes crocheted into the shawl that can be hard to spot at times depending on her movements.

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Credit: Disney

Kilimanjaro Safaris

A favorite attraction of many Guests in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Kilimanjaro Safaris in the village of Harambe. The attraction has Guests board authentic safari vehicles and set off on an epic adventure into the Harambe Reserve that showcases the beauty of various environments and habitats and the incredible range of animal species that live there.

While moving through Kilimanjaro Safaris, Guests can spot plenty of beautiful moments in nature, including a small island inhabited by dozens of bright pink flamingos. Guests who look through the flamingos and take a closer look at the island itself can notice that it is shaped like a classic Hidden Mickey. This is an easy to spot Hidden Mickey and a great option for younger Guests who are taking part in the hunt!

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The Boneyard

Dinoland in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to The Boneyard, a fun and interactive area where younger Guests can feel like a paleontologist as they play. The Boneyard features dig sites where little ones can search for fossils, climbing areas, and much more to touch and explore while learning all about dinosaurs.

One area of The Boneyard features a fenced in area with lots of construction and dig site equipment. Near the right hand side of the fenced in area, Guests can spot a large classic Hidden Mickey which is formed by a round fan and two hardhats on either side. This is a fun Hidden Mickey for younger Guests to spot as they play!

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Credit: Disney


Nearby in Dinoland is Restaurantosaurus, a quick service restaurant filled with incredible and humorous theming that Guests can enjoy with their meals. The restaurant is a favorite haunt of both paleontologists and students from the nearby Dino Institute, and every room is filled with items that share the history of dinosaurs and paleontology as well as funny props and sight gags left behind by the students.

One room features a large mural above depicting many different dinosaurs with a particularly large T-Rex in the center. Just above the mural in the beams high above are a pair of hanging boots thrown up there by one of the students. Guests who look closely to the bottom of the higher boot can spot a classic Hidden Mickey along with a set of initials and a year.

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Credit: Disney

Maharajah Jungle Trek

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to plenty of quiet corners throughout the park that allow Guests to feel as though they are one with nature and in a location far, far away from Central Florida. One such place is the Maharajah Jungle Trek where Guests can enjoy a self-guided walking tour through the Royal Forest of Anandapur.

Along the way there are plenty of beautiful habitats where Guests can spot different species, but none is as popular as the Asian Tiger habitat found amongst the crumbling ruins of a temple. Just before coming up on the first set of viewing windows to see the tigers, Guests can spot a brightly painted mural of a maharajah on the left hand side whose earring features three circles that come together to form a classic Hidden Mickey.

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Credit: Disney

Island Mercantile

Discovery Island in Disney’s Animal Kingdom features some wonderful shopping locations where Guests can purchase everything from clothing and accessories to art work and toys. Island Mercantile is one such location and features several different rooms of merchandise, each of which is brightly colored with animal themes all around.

One room features an area with wooden carved bees that can be found hovering around bright red and yellow honeycombs and beehives. Guests who inspect the honeycombs up close can spot lot of great detail and artistry as well as classic Hidden Mickeys inside some of the individual combs which are created by smaller yellow dots forming the three circles.

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Credit: Disney

Expedition Everest

One of the biggest thrills in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Expedition Everest in the Asia section of the park. The attraction brings Guests on a daring journey into the forbidden mountain where they end up desperately trying to escape the clutches of the Yeti.

While moving through the queue on Expedition Everest, Guests can learn all about the legend of the Yeti in a museum set up in the beast’s honor. Several classic Mickeys can be spotted in one display case in the museum on flat pieces of paper underneath various sets of footprints. Random ink blots and splashes come together in the form of classic Hidden Mickeys on several of the papers below.

Credit: Disney

A little further into the Yeti museum, Guests can spot a second Hidden Mickey that is rather unique in form. Mounted about eye-level in one display is a photo of a bear with some rather uniquely shaped ears that come together to make it appear as though the creature is donning popular Mickey Ears. This is another Hidden Mickey that is relatively easy to spot, making it a great one for younger Guests to seek out.

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Credit: Disney

TriceraTop Spin

A fun attraction that is great for Guests of all ages is TriceraTop Spin in Dinoland which invites Guests to take to the skies and soar on a classic spinner attraction aboard brightly colored triceratops. Like the surrounding area, the details of TriceraTop Spin are slightly cartoonish and fun, including one particular dinosaur with a Hidden Mickey.

Standing next to the attraction are several triceratops, one of which is balancing a brightly colored ball on one of their horns. Guests who look on the right hand side of that triceratops and closer to the back of the dinosaur’s head can notice a series of scales that add details to their skin. Three of those scales come together to form a classic Hidden Mickey that is very easy to miss unless Guests are specifically looking for it!

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Credit: Disney

Conservation Station

One area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom that many Guests overlook is the Conservation Station which can only be reached by taking a ride on the Wildlife Express Train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. There, Guests can enjoy the Conservation Station which is an animal care facility with many learning opportunities and exhibits for Guests to explore including live interactions with animals and caregivers.

When entering into the Conservation Station, Guests pass by a stunning and massive mural that depicts hundreds of animals together in vibrant colors. The mural is home to many, many Hidden Mickeys for Guests to find including classic Hidden Mickeys in the eyes of an owl and ostrich, silhouettes of Mickey’s head in profile in the eyes of a frog and possum, and many more. This mural is stunning in its detail, and searching for Hidden Mickeys is a great way to take it all in!

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The final Hidden Mickey on the list for Disney’s Animal Kingdom can be found on the queue for Dinosaur in Dinoland. This thrilling attraction brings Guests on a secret mission back in time to save a particular iguanodon while avoiding the asteroid impact, and there are plenty of heart racing moments in the dark and close encounters with some hungry dinosaurs.

The queue for Dinosaur brings Guests through a series of exhibits that showcase fossils, the art of paleontology, and information about prehistoric times. While moving through the first room of the indoor portion of queue, Guests can spot several boxes depicting various species on the right hand wall with a large mural depicting a forest and several fake tree barks in front of it. On the left hand side of the mural, Guests should look for the widest tree bark depicted where they can spot a classic Hidden Mickey about half way up.

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