Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom

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A great way to spend time while at the Walt Disney World Resort is searching for Hidden Mickeys throughout every corner of the property. Hidden Mickeys can take on various forms, but most frequently are three concentric circles that form the outline of Mickey’s head. There are plenty of variations that can look like Mickey in profile or even an entirely different character and some Hidden Mickeys are easy to spot whereas others are extremely well hidden. All of these variations make Hidden Mickey searches tons of fun, especially in the Magic Kingdom where there are plenty to find throughout each land.

Let’s check out some of the best Hidden Mickeys to spot while spending time in the Magic Kingdom!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I didn’t include any actual photos of the Hidden Mickeys in this post as that ruins the fun of trying to find them!

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Jungle Cruise

The popular Jungle Cruise in the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland brings Guests on an adventure down some of the world’s most exotic rivers with plenty of close encounters with animals and groan-worthy humor from the skippers. At one point during the experience, the Jungle Cruise boat heads into a crumbling temple where a growling tiger, playful monkeys, and priceless jewels can be found in every corner. Just before emerging from the temple, Guests can look to the left side of the boat to see a pillar that is particularly worn with a large chunk of rock missing. The part that looks missing actually forms a Hidden Minnie in profile and the best way to spot her is by identifying the outline of her large bow first!

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Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion in the Liberty Square area of the Magic Kingdom is one of the most beloved attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort thanks in part to the incredible level of theming and detail throughout the experience. There are several Hidden Mickeys to be found while moving through the Haunted Mansion including an easy-to-spot arrangement of three dishes on the table in the ballroom scene that form a classic Hidden Mickey. Another harder-to-spot Hidden Mickey can be found just before leaving the graveyard and entering into the crypt with the hitchhiking ghosts. Guests who look to the right and slightly behind their Doom Buggies can spot a small crypt with a floating reaper inside of it. In his outstretched hand is a shadow that forms a perfect classic Hidden Mickey.

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Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

Another attraction that is home to several Hidden Mickeys is Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland. The attraction originated at the 1964 New York World’s Fair and has received several updates and modifications over the years, leading to a final scene that features several Hidden Mickeys. The final scene depicts the family at Christmastime and Guests can spot a plush Hidden Mickey under the tree, a classic Hidden Mickey on the side of a present under the tree, a Hidden Mickey in nutcracker form on the mantle, and Hidden Mickeys on the top of salt and pepper shakers on the counter. The hardest Hidden Mickey to spot in the final scene of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is best viewed from the left-hand side of the theater and is an abstract painting of Sorcerer Mickey hanging near the dining room table in the background.

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Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

Nearby in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom is the Guest favorite Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover. This popular attraction offers Guests the chance to kick back and enjoy some beautiful views of Tomorrowland from up above. In addition to the views, Guests pass through attractions like Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in addition to several indoor areas with various futuristic scenes. One of these scenes depicts a woman getting her hair done by a machine while waiting for her train to arrive. Guests who look quickly as they pass by can spot a classic Hidden Mickey on the woman’s belt buckle.

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Swiss Family Treehouse

A Hidden Mickey that showcases Mickey’s profile can be found on an often overlooked attraction in Adventureland. The Swiss Family Treehouse brings Guests high above the Magic Kingdom where they can see how the shipwrecked family creatively used the supplies that they had to build a life for themselves. High up near the top of the tree, Guests should pay special attention to the large trunk where they can find a lighter spot that forms a Hidden Mickey of his entire head in profile. Many Guests miss this Hidden Mickey because they don’t want to make the climb up, but it is so worth it for the chance to spot it as well as the views from the top!

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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The wildest ride in the wilderness in the Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland is also home to a Hidden Mickey that is formed by several props. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad brings Guests on a thrilling adventure through the mining town of Tumbleweed where caves and mountain peaks are filled with twists, turns, and fun. After passing through the bones of a dinosaur and breaking before the unloading station, Guests should look to the right-hand side of the runaway train to spot a classic Hidden Mickey. Laying on the ground is one very large gear with two strategically placed smaller gears that come together to form a classic Hidden Mickey.

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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Another mountain-based attraction in the Magic Kingdom is home to several Hidden Mickeys including one that is very difficult to spot. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train brings Guests on an adventure throughout the mountain and into the dwarf’s mines where they can spot millions of twinkling and shining gems just waiting to be collected. Guests who look closely at the gems near Dopey can spot a classic Hidden Mickey formed by three of them, which is relatively easy to spot. The more difficult Hidden Mickey on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is actually a full-body Hidden Oswald the Rabbit that is carved into a wooden beam near the ceiling on the left-hand side of the mine train as Guests climb the lift hill to leave the mine itself. He is very hard to spot, but Guests should look for the outline of his ears as well as his outstretched hand waving hello.

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Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

A very easy-to-spot Hidden Mickey that is a favorite of many Guests, especially kids, can be found at a popular attraction in Tomorrowland. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin recruits Guests to join Star Command and help to defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg by taking aim at targets in a series of galactic scenes. Throughout the queue, Guests can spot several references to the plant Pollust Prime, the largest of which can be found on a wall just before passing by the animatronic Buzz. The largest landmass on Pollust Prime is a Hidden Mickey and forms Mickey’s entire head in profile.

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Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

One of the most difficult Hidden Mickeys to spot in all of the Walt Disney World Resort can be found at the exit of Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid. After enjoying the attraction that shares Ariel’s story from the classic Disney animated film, Guests emerge back into Fantasyland with gently flowing water and rockwork on their right-hand side. Hidden in the rockwork, literally spanning several different boulders is a full-body Hidden Steamboat Willie complete with his wheel. Guests have argued about different ways to first spot the Hidden Steamboat Willie, but a good way to start is by finding one of the oval buttons from his shorts and piecing him together from there.

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Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain in Frontierland is a thrilling adventure where Guests can set off with Br’er Rabbit and encounter a whole lot of trouble on the way before plunging into the Briar Patch. There are several Hidden Mickeys that are easy to spot throughout Splash Mountain such as three fishing bobbers that form a classic Hidden Mickey on the right-hand side of the log in the Laughing Place scene as well as some that are a little more difficult like the outline of Mickey’s face jutting out from the rock work in the opening that Guests move through before the final drop. A favorite, more subtle Hidden Mickey can be found in the finale scene next to the large Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Lady boat. Guests who look up in the clouds high up can spot a full-body Hidden Mickey laying on his back looking up at the beautiful clouds and sunset.

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It’s A Small World

A Hidden Mickey that is fun for the whole family to spot together can be found on the beloved classic It’s A Small World in Fantasyland. After setting sail on the cruise around the world, Guests pass through a series of rooms that each depict a different area of the world. The Africa room features plenty of memorable details including the large pink elephant overhead surrounded by members of a band playing the classic song of the same name as the attraction. Just before passing under the elephant, Guests should look to either side to spot large purple vines that extend from the ceiling all the way down to the water. The leaves on the vines are all large, individual classic Hidden Mickeys that are easy to spot for younger Guests and just as fun for the adults.

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Columbia Harbour House

The final Hidden Mickey on the list can be found inside Columbia Harbour House, a quick-service restaurant found in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with nautical details including maps, roping, wheels, and more, and the theming is continues throughout several dining areas on two different floors. Guests who wander upstairs at Columbia Harbour House can spot a framed photo of three different maps that come together to form a classic Hidden Mickey. This is a great example of a Hidden Mickey that is slightly off the beaten path, but well worth the search!

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