Hidden Mickeys in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Boulevard
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The hunt for Hidden Mickeys continues in Disneyā€™s Hollywood Studios, and there are plenty to find throughout the entire Disney Park! Hidden Mickeys are literally everywhere at the Walt Disney World Resort, and each was intentionally added by Imagineers to add a level of detail and fun for Guests to happen upon while enjoying the Disney Parks.

A Hidden Mickey can be found hiding anywhere from inside an architectural detail to inside a piece of artwork and more, and frequently, a classic Hidden Mickey is formed by three concentric circles that come together to form Mickeyā€™s head. However, not all Hidden Mickeys are the classic shape, some can be full bodies or profiles and some are entirely different characters like Donald or Minnie.

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Guests who visit Disneyā€™s Hollywood Studios can find plenty of amazing Hidden Mickeys in all areas of the Disney Park that range from easy to spot to very difficult. No matter how many Hidden Mickeys a Guest finds, the hunt helps them check out some amazing details that they might have otherwise overlooked. Letā€™s check out where to find some of the best Hidden Mickeys in Disneyā€™s Hollywood Studios!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I didnā€™t include any actual photos of the Hidden Mickeys in this post as that ruins the fun of trying to find them!

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Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

At the end of Sunset Boulevard in Disneyā€™s Hollywood Studios is the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith where Guests have a chance encounter with the band that ends with a high-speed rush across town to get backstage at a concert. During the pre-show when Guests are in the studio with the band, there are tons of guitars and musical equipment all around. Guests who look down on the floor of the studio can spot a thick electrical wire that has been carefully coiled to form a classic Hidden Mickey.

Once inside of the alley where Guests can watch other limos blast off into the darkness, there is a board with various postings, stickers, and other items stuck to it on the left-hand side. Guests who look closely at the various items can spot a round whit sticker with a full-bodied Mickey Mouse on it.

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While moving closer and closer to the boarding area, Guests pass underneath a series of screens that share animated safety information regarding the boarding process. At one point during the spiel, two animated Guests can be seen boarding their limo and pulling down on the overhead safety restraints. One Guest is wearing a set of ears on their head that forms the silhouette of a classic Hidden Mickey. Another Hidden Mickey can be very quickly spotted in the animated smoke left behind after the limo launches off-screen.

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Just across from the Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith on Sunset Boulevard is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror where Guests can enter into another dimension while onboard an elevator that is out of their control.

While watching the pre-show video in the library of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, Guests should pay special attention to the little girl who was one of the five hotel guests who mysteriously went missing all those years ago. In her hands is a vintage plush Mickey Mouse doll from the 1930s that can also be spotted again while on the ride when she appears in the hallway as a ghostly figure.

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A very difficult-to-spot Hidden Mickey can also be found on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror after the elevator begins to move forward through the other dimension. Just as the elevator begins to enter into the dark shaft where it will eventually drop and lift Guests at random, a series of twinkling lights converge before disappearing. The lights come together for a split second to form a classic Hidden Mickey, so Guests have to make sure they are really looking quickly to spot it!

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Slinky Dog Dash

Toy Story Land in Disneyā€™s Hollywood Studios is home to some amazing attractions including Slinky Dog Dash, a fun roller coaster that Andy himself built in his backyard. The queue is full of great details that help to bring the story and theme to life and there are plenty of references to favorite Toy Story characters.

At the loading area, Guests can check out a large drawing done by Andy on looseleaf that is taped to the cardboard box. The picture shows Slinky Dog Dash and all of the different areas that Andy built as well as a Hidden Mickey. On the very top right of the picture above the two parachutes from the Green Army Men, Guests can spot a classic Hidden Mickey cloud in the sky.

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Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania continues the fun of Toy Story Land by inviting Guests to compete in a series of 3D midway games with all of the Toy Story characters. While moving through the queue, Guests can spot lots of toys and art supplies that belong to Andy as well as a Hidden Mickey that also appears during the ride itself.

Near the talking Mr. Potato Head animatronic, there is a poster for the midway games with Trixie the dinosaur on it. Guests who look closely at the markings on Trixieā€™s body can spot a classic Hidden Mickey near her back. Once on the ride, one of the midway scenes features a game with dinosaurs and a volcano where Guests have to take aim at balloons. The same poster with Trixie and her Hidden Mickey can be found just to the right of the game scene!

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Alien Swirling Saucers

The final attraction in Toy Story Land is Alien Swirling Saucers, which has Guests board spaceships being towed by the little Green Aliens that whirl around in circles using momentum to whip Guests at fun speeds. The attraction is filled with cute details that bring the story and theming to life, including one mural that has a Hidden Mickey.

One wall of the queue features a mural of a window looking out into space as well as a control panel with lots of levels, switches, and gadgets to help pilot a spaceship. On the lower right-hand side of the control panel, Guests can spot a trio of red, green, and blue circles that come together to form a classic Hidden Mickey. This one is very easy to spot, making it a great option for young Guests who are on the hunt for Hidden Mickeys!

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Muppet Vision 3D

Muppet Vision 3D in the Grand Avenue area of Disneyā€™s Hollywood Studios brings the zany and hilarious humor of the Muppets to life as Guests can visit their labs and experience their new 3D technology firsthand. The queue is filled with funny sight gags and odd props and Guests can spot lots of humorous details along the way.

In addition to the indoor portion of the queue, there is a small overflow queue area outside that is lined with several posters with the Muppets advertising various films and other things. One poster is blue with white print and shares humorous reasons for returning the 3D glasses upon leaving the attraction. On the left-hand side of the poster, Guests can spot a classic Hidden Mickey sitting atop a molecular structure right next to the second listed reason.

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Star Tours ā€“ The Adventures Continue

Guests who are looking to enjoy their own thrilling galactic experience in Disneyā€™s Hollywood Studios can enjoy a ride on Star Tours ā€“ The Adventure Continues in the Echo Lake area of the Disney Park. The attraction brings Guests on a Star Tours flight gone wrong with a series of randomized 3D scenes and C3P0 as pilot, and each experience is always different allowing Guests to come back time and time again.

Before entering into the show building, Guests pass through an outdoor portion of the queue that from the front is the iconic Ewok village complete with an AT-AT walker, but from the rear is revealed to actually be a set like at a working studio! While walking through the outdoor portion of the queue, Guests should look back at the AT-AT and then to their left to spot a tree that is supporting the walkways built above. Amongst the support beams that are helping hold up the walkway around the tree is a very small white classic Hidden Mickey on the bark of the tree.

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Mickey & Minnieā€™s Runaway Railway

One of the newest attractions in Disneyā€™s Hollywood Studios is Mickey & Minnieā€™s Runaway Railway at the very end of Hollywood Boulevard. The attraction brings Guests directly into the animated world for an adventure through various immersive scenes and there are countless little details that pay homage to various things in Disney history.

The queue features beautiful architecture that helps recreate Graumanā€™s Chinese Theater and Guests who look all around as they walk through can also spot a Hidden Mickey up above. A large circular yellow light with black detailing on it features Mickeyā€™s entire head in a slight profile smiling down on Guests.

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There are also Hidden Mickeys to be found during the ride itself including two in the scene depicting the factory where Mickey and Minnie are desperately trying to shut the machine down before Guests are crushed. On the left-hand side of the scene, there are three gears rotating a pulley that come together to form a classic Hidden Mickey and not far from there is another gear that it rotating quickly that features a small classic Hidden Mickey outlined in white right in the center.

The final scene depicts Mickey and Minnie finally having their picnic in the park while Mickey serenades everyone with his guitar. Guests who look up the sky can spot a series of fireworks that burst all around in the shape of classic Hidden Mickeys. These Hidden Mickeys are very easy to spot making them great for younger Guests!

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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

An extremely difficult-to-spot Hidden Mickey can be found on the very popular Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in Star Wars ā€“ Galaxyā€™s Edge. Guests love the immersive attraction for its attention to detail as well as its incredible storyline and technology.

In the scene where Kylo Ren attempts to pull Guests in using the Force but ultimately fails after the wall behind him is blasted away, Guests quickly pas by two control panels. The second control panel features a series of buttons and levels including a trio of buttons on the bottom left that come together to form a classic Hidden Mickey. This one can be tricky to spot depending on where Guests are seated in the vehicles, but well worth the hunt!

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