8 Impressive Things About Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Star Wars has pretty much taken over the world recently, especially with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But there’s a Star Wars ride that has been around for a very long time and is totally cool, only made cooler with the refurbishments. This ride is blast through the galaxy with some of the best characters out there. Here are 8 impressive things about Star Tours: The Adventures Continue:

8. The Story Always Changes

One of my favorite ways that Disney Imagineers reimagined Star Tours from its original form is that they randomized the story. So each time you ride it you are promised the chance of a new story. There are plenty of story options, like a forest adventure or an underwater excursion. I love that every time you ride you don’t know where you’re going to go!

7. Immersion

Star Tours has always done a brilliant job of making its riders feel like they are actually in the story and the world of Star Wars. From the second you walk into that part of the park, you are a part of the universe. From the command center, to the boarding station, to the actual ride – it all feels so real. Star Tours: The Adventure Continues allows you to let loose and be silly and live the geeky dream.

6. Jedi Training

Right outside of the ride, next to the queue, is the stage for the Jedi Training Academy where little kids can get the opportunity to be a Jedi for the day! It is absolutely adorable to watch these kids in their robes and light sabers doing something awesome. Eventually Darth Vader comes out and duels them, which is just so cool to watch.

5. New Movie Updates

We are currently in a new age of Star Wars, which means new updates for Star Tours. It’s super cool to see new faces and places to be immersed into. The story is even now different with the introduction of the New Order and Kylo Ren’s rule. The ride continues to get more updates with new Star Wars stories.

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4. Tatooine Traders

Normally by the time I’ve finished a ride, I’m completely over gift shops. But I love Tatooine Traders. This gift shop completely makes you feel like you’re in Tatooine, decorated with carved out notches and obviously, sand. This shop is full of Star Wars gear and merchandise that are super cool. Not to mention you can make your own light saber!

3. Thrill Ride

This ride is also super cool because while it isn’t Rockin’ Rollercoaster by any means, it’s still a thrill ride! It still feels like it’s going really fast and that you’re sort of not in control. My feet come off the floor and I make sure to never hold onto the arm rests. People scream and laugh and it’s always a ball. I am not a rollercoaster person, but I love this ride. 

2. Favorite Characters

Star Wars has some of the most beloved characters in cinema and they all make appearances in Star Tours! Your trusty (sort of) tour guides are C-3PO and R2-D2 and throughout your tour, you’ll meet up with lots of others! Princess Leia might need your help, or perhaps Yoda has some advice for you, but watch out for Darth Vader!

1. Hero of the Rebellion

One of the coolest parts of the Star Tours upgrade is the addition of the Hero of the Rebellion. For each ride cycle, one guest is randomly chosen to be a rebel spy. If chosen, you get your picture on the big screen and everything! But oh no! Imperial forces have found you out and have boarded your ship! That’s when C-3PO takes charge and launches you out of there!

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