5 Great Things about Jim Henson’s Muppet Vision 3-D

Sight Gags Galore!-Walk around the building this attraction is housed in to get a taste of what is inside. From the fountain in front, the paint splotches on the building, giant Kermit the Frogs, cartoon cut outs, and fake movie posters you know you are going to find humor inside. As you enter the building walking past the missing security officer look down at the mat on the ground and lift it to see if the “key” is really there. Walking down the hallway queue notice the Muppet Labs office doors on either side. Notice the shaking font for the “Stress Testing Department”. Once inside the pre-show you discover you are in the warehouse area surrounded by boxes and props of all kinds. Miss Piggy travels with a lot of costumes! Can you find the steam punk versions of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy near the ceiling? You will be treated to a Muppet introduction to the 3-D film which is about Dr. Honeydew’s new invention to bring 3-D to the world on a series of televisions above you. There are many details in this room that are often overlooked. This all happens before you don your 3-D glasses for the main attraction.

Cheap 3-D Tricks-Although Kermit the Frog promises they will not stoop to using cheap 3-D tricks, Fozzie cannot help himself. My favorite is his remote control flying banana cream pie. There are also items on sticks, the old exploding Snake Nut can, a Squirting Flower (squirting real water into the audience) and bubbles appear during Miss Piggy’s solo “Dream a Little Dream of Me”. Sweetums shows up with a paddle ball which plays really well in 3-D. It is the only 3-D film at Walt Disney World that refers to the 3-D glasses as just that 3-D glasses.

Best of the Muppets Characters-For those of us who were raised with The Muppet Show television series, it is great to see all of our favorite characters from the show again: Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Scooter, Statler and Waldorf, Dr. Bunson Honeydew, Beaker, Animal, Rizzo the Rat (imitating Mickey Mouse), Sweetums, Nicki Napoleon and the orchestra of Emperor Penguins, Sam the Eagle, Swedish Chef, chicken, and even two of the least popular of Henson’s in Bean Bunny and Waldo C. Graphic (first digitally created Muppet). In the plaza area outside is a working fountain featuring Miss Piggy as the Statue of Liberty being filmed by Fozzie the Bear, accompanied in the scene by Gonzo, Animal, rats and fish. Constantine was added in March 2014 to the pre-show to coincide with the latest Muppet movie Muppets Most Wanted. Jim Henson performed Kermit the Frog, Waldorf and the Swedish Chef for this film.

Fully Immersed Story Experience-This attraction is a vaudeville-style production with humor, singing, an orchestra, characters in 3-D and audio-animatronic characters that appear in the theater and one walk-on, special effects with real bubbles and squirting water, fog and special lighting effects. The theater looks like the one used in the Muppets television show, complete with upper boxes, one occupied by Statler & Waldorf of course. This film was the last production of Muppets that creator Jim Henson directed. Debuted May 16, 1991 which was the first anniversary of his death. Disney purchased Muppets in 2004.

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Muppets Merchandise- “Stage One Company Store” entrance is through the mouth of a large red Muppet’s mouth, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog are painted on the front of the building and there are giant statues of Kermit, looking very much like a Hollywood film award, that flank the entry to the shop. Inside is a great collection of Muppets merchandise including numerous apparel designs, books, a comic book, DVD’s, poseable figures, plush, pins, key chains, hats, even drumsticks such as Animal uses.

Debuted May 16, 1991; 2010-film restored; Disney purchased Muppets in 2004

FastPass+ is available and guests with wheelchairs or ECV’s may remain in them. The show is 25-minutes long, including the pre-show. For the best viewing of the 3-D effects sit in the middle of the row and avoid the first four rows.

Restaurants nearby include Mama Melrose table service and Pizza Planet quick service.

Nearest restrooms are located across from the entrance, next to Pizza Planet.

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