7 Things We Love About Restaurantosaurus in Animal Kingdom

There are some who would say Restaurantosaurus in Dinoland USA in Disney’s Animal Kingdom isn’t worth visiting. After all, with quick-service options like Flame Tree Barbecue and Satu’li Canteen available in the same park, why would you choose to visit this fast food eatery? Our answer? There are tons of reasons to choose Restaurantosaurus.

That’s right, we actually enjoy this underrated quick-service location, and we find there are a number of situations that make it worth visiting. Wondering what our reasons might be? Below we’ve outlined the top reasons we love Restaurantosaurus and explain why we think you might love it too.

Let’s dive in!

Fun, Detailed Theming

Okay, first of all we have to talk about the incredible and intentionally kitschy theming Restaurantosaurus offers. The place is full of quirky, fun, and well-thought-out details, and we absolutely love it.

The backstory here is that the building was once a fishing lodge in a sleepy old town that was purchased by paleontologists when fossils were found in the nearby boneyard. The space served as a headquarters for several years, playing the roles of museum, school, dorm, and mess hall. Eventually, the Dino Institute outgrew this building and moved into a newer facility nearby (the location of the Dinosaur ride). Evidence of the building’s roles as Dino Institute headquarters is everywhere though, and we’re sure you’ll love picking out all the little details.

Be sure to look for:

  • Fossils and sculptures
  • Dinosaur puns and other humor
  • The Airstream dining area
  • The jukebox
  • Props on the roof of the building

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Tons of Dining Room Space

Another great thing about this Disney restaurant? The amazing amount of seating the place offers. Most counter-service spots have only a few seats to offer, and in Animal Kingdom most of these are outdoors. Restaurantosaurus has tons of seating, and a huge portion of it is indoors with all the aforementioned fantastic theming. That said, there is also covered outdoors seating available for those who prefer to sit outside when the weather is nice.

We have never seen all of the seats inside and outside of this quick-service restaurant fill up, and we’re guessing that is a pretty rare occurrence. This means you won’t have any trouble finding a place to enjoy your lunch or dinner after you order.

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Dedication to Sustainability

Animal Kingdom is all about protecting the Earth and the animals who live on it. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Restaurantosaurus is very focused on sustainability. Not only does this quick-service location have recycling bins readily available right inside the dining area, they also use biodegradable cutlery and cups. These are things we hope to see in more and more WDW restaurants in the months to come.

Credit: Disney (Restaurantosaurus)

Solid, Familiar Food Choices

If you’ve researched Restaurantosaurus at all, you’ve likely discovered that the menu here isn’t anything to write home about. The food choices are pretty typical theme park picks such as cheeseburger meals and chicken. That said, this is a fantastic thing for those looking for a simple, filling meal that they know everyone in their party will eat.

Have picky kids in tow? Just want to grab something familiar and comforting? If so, the Restaurantosaurus burgers and chicken breast nuggets might be exactly what you need.

We don’t know about you, but we appreciate having simple, straightforward, familiar, and solid choices like an angus burger, french fries, apple slices, and chicken nuggets, sometimes.

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Lots of Topping Options

One of the things we used to really love about Restaurantosaurus was the awesome toppings bar that made it possible to turn a typical burger into a masterpiece and really stretch your meal. Unfortunately, this toppings bar went away when COVID-19 popped up and it hasn’t been back since. That said, it is still totally possible to get almost all of the same toppings that were on that bar; all you have to do is ask for them when you order.

We find this is easiest to do when using the app to place a mobile order, as doing this allows us to see all of the options laid out in front of us. However, you can also just request what you’d like if you’re ordering at the register. Some of the most common toppings include lettuce, tomato, american cheese, and bacon. 

Extra Fun Kids’ Meals

We love, love, love the kids’ meals at Restaurantosaurus. No, the food itself isn’t much different from the typical quick-service food found in most counter-service locations. That said, there is something extra special about them.

You see, every kids’ meal is served in a sand bucket with a little shovel attached. Not only is this tons of fun, it’s actually useful! These pails can be taken out to the Boneyard after your meal and used to dig up fossils. How cool is that?

Unfortunately, this add-on does bump the price of the kids’ meals up a little bit, so you will want to budget for that.

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Credit: Disney

Special Beverages

Last but not least, we have to mention the special beverage menu at Restaurantosaurus.

Those looking for a non-alcoholic beverage will adore the amazing wildberry lemonade, which is made with Wildberry Monin and Minute Maid Lemonade. The milkshakes are also a fabulous non-alcoholic option, especially the 50th Anniversary Celebration Milk Shake that is currently available. This shake is made with vanilla ice cream, strawberry syrup, and a buttercream rim. It is topped with whipped cream and a sugar cookie coated with fruit flake cereal.

Looking for an alcoholic drink? You’re in luck, as this restaurant has a few options. Our favorite? The delicious margarita.

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Yes, we firmly believe Restaurantosaurus is one all guests should try at least once. No, you won’t be blown away by an exciting and unique menu, but that’s not the point of this place. What you will get is a well-themed restaurant with a fun backstory that offers solid classics everyone in your family will enjoy.

Credit: Matthew Cooper –

Why not give Restaurantosaurus a try on your next visit to Animal Kingdom? It might just surprise you!

Looking for similar options in other parks? Try Backlot Express or ABC Commissary in Hollywood Studios or Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Magic Kingdom. 

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