7 Extra Magical Quick Service Locations in Disney World

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Any meal eaten in Disney World is sure to be a little bit magical. After all, you’re on vacation in the most magical place on earth! That wonder and excitement is sure to carry over into even the most mundane of meals.

That said, some Disney World meals are always a little more magical than others. Obviously, many of the table-service restaurants and immersive dining experiences (such as character meals) found in places like Be Our Guest and Jungle Skipper Canteen are among these. That said, it’s also possible to find some of the same magic at a few quick service locations in Disney World, meaning you can experience the fun of magical Disney dining while also saving a few bucks and avoiding the need for a dining reservation.

Wondering where you can get a little taste of this Disney dining magic? Below we’ve listed the most magical quick service locations in Disney World. These are the places that go above and beyond to make sure your dining experience is a whole experience, rather than just a meal.

Credit: Disney

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

Honestly, the food at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Magic Kingdom is pretty typical of a Disney quick service dining location. The menu includes such items as burgers, hot dogs, and chicken strips. All of it is good, solid fast food, and it’s sure to please even the pickiest of eaters, but we aren’t really here to talk about food. We’re here to talk about the extra magical aspect of Cosmic Ray’s that makes it stand out from the crowd: Sonny Eclipse.

Sonny Eclipse is an animatronic alien musician and singer who serenades diners with out-of-this-world music throughout the day. It’s lots of fun to enjoy this animatronic show while dining, and definitely makes for a memorable meal.

Casey’s Corner

If you’re a hot dog fan, you’re sure to love Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom. Our favorite item on the menu here is the classic corn dog nuggets, which have been a menu staple for many years now. That said, the revolving menu of unique hot dog toppings is always fun to check out.

The standout feature at Casey’s Corner? The incredibly impressive pianist who plays in the outdoor seating area throughout the day. Enjoying some old-fashioned ragtime music while dining on a hot dog is definitely a magical quick service dining experience, and it’s one we recommend every Disney-goer try at least once. Just make sure you check the performance schedule to time your meal right.

Pinocchio Village Haus

In the mood for pizza? Also in Magic Kingdom, Pinocchio Village Haus will satisfy your craving with yummy flatbreads in a beautifully themed quick service restaurant that tells the story of Pinocchio. That isn’t all this restaurant has to offer though; it also provides a little bit of extra magic that the kids love: dining with a view.

If you choose your table wisely in this Disney quick service restaurant, you will be treated to views of the “it’s a small world” boat ride below. Kids love to wave at the riders in the colorful boats as they pass by, and sometimes signs are available to send messages to the passersby.

Flame Tree Barbecue

Easily our favorite quick service option on Disney property, Flame Tree Barbecue is an excellent Disney World restaurant. The food is fantastic and includes delicious options such as a pulled pork sandwich, St. Louis-style ribs, and smoked chicken.

If you do choose to eat the food from Flame Tree, be sure to dine in their covered outdoor seating area. Why? Because the ambiance can’t be beat! There are beautiful birds wandering the seating area, giving the whole space a sort of wild feel that is just perfect for Animal Kingdom. Additionally, there is often live music being played on the stage across the way, providing some entertainment to go with your meal.

Credit: Disney

Docking Bay 7

Looking for an immersive quick service dining experience in a Disney park but don’t want to spend a small fortune? Head to Docking Bay 7 in Hollywood Studios’ Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. This Star Wars-themed eatery serves up such foods as Endorian Fried Chicken Tip-Yip and Batuuan Beef Pot Roast.

As the names of the meals served here suggest, Docking Bay 7 really transports you to the Star Wars universe, and we love it. Everywhere you look there is a new detail that makes the whole experience feel absolutely real. Star Wars fans will adore this magical quick service dining option for sure.

Woody’s Lunch Box

Another fantastic Hollywood Studios theme park quick service location that provides an extra wow factor is Woody’s Lunch Box. The foods here are traditional kid lunch staples-with a twist. The sandwiches are fantastic, and the lunch box tarts are a gourmet version of the toaster tarts we all loved so much as kids.

Like Flame Tree above, Woody’s only provides outdoor seating, but the theming in this seating area is so good we feel it is a must-see when in Toy Story Land. There are seats and tables that look exactly as though they are made of Babybel cheeses, and the whole food counter appears to be a lunch box held open by a thermos.

Kids will love the bright colors of the place, and adults will appreciate the enormous amount of nostalgia packed into the small area.

La Cantina de San Angel

Epcot is home to tons of counter service restaurant options that serve wonderful food, but not many of them offer an extra special dining experience in terms of ambiance. La Cantina de San Angel is the exception. Not only does this location serve up some mean tacos, it also comes with some extra magic.

The magical touch at this yummy eatery? Outdoor seating with an awesome view. When you dine here, you are able to look out over the World Showcase lagoon. This is gorgeous anytime of day, but is especially pretty at sunset. Want to make it even more incredible? Time your quick service meal to coincide with the fireworks show for an extra spectacular view.

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