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Here’s Why Disney+ Is Worth Every Penny

It’s been over a year since Disney+ first launched, and thanks to the roller coaster ride 2020 took us on, we had plenty of time at home to use this service. Our opinion on Disney+? It is 100% worth every penny we’ve spent on it so far. In fact, as hardcore Disney fanatics, we might even go as far as ...

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Best Disney Movies To Watch For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. If you’re like most people, you likely have a big meal planned, and might even be meeting up with friends or family. Most people watch football, and a lot of people will have a nap on the couch. Another thing an enormous number of American families do on Thanksgiving? Watch a movie together!   ...

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Why We Still Recommend Staying at a Walt Disney World Resort

Disney World is open again! This is incredibly exciting, but it is important that guests realize there have been a lot of changes implemented in order to keep everyone healthy and safe. Pre-shows have been removed from rides, social distancing markers have been added to queues, the FastPass system is not currently in use, shows have been suspended for the ...

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The Best Perks of Visiting Walt Disney World Right Now

The Disney World parks have reopened and many people are left wondering whether they should visit right now. Fireworks, parades, and character meet-and-greets aren’t happening, and visitors are required to make reservations just to enter the parks. Is a visit even worthwhile?    In our opinion, the answer is yes, it can still be worthwhile. You see, even with the ...

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Top 10 Lies About Walt Disney World’s EPCOT

The thing about Disney World is, there are a whole lot of lies surrounding the entire resort. Some of these are harmless mistruths, while others could completely change the way you plan a trip and cause you to miss out on something really great. One park that has a particularly large number of negative and downright silly lies floating around ...

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