You Should Definitely do Epcot’s Holiday Cookie Stroll: Here’s Why

December is halfway over, and that means we’re over halfway through the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays. That said, there are still a couple of weeks left to get in on the festivities, and if you’ll be in the area, we highly recommend you do just that. During the festival, there are tons of awesome holiday sweets, seasonal foods, and festive drinks available, and lots of awesome holiday entertainment.

Our absolute favorite thing about the Festival of the Holidays? The Cookie Stroll!

The Cookie Stroll is a super fun addition to any holiday visit to Epcot that involves seeking out 5 delicious holiday cookies around the World Showcase. Here’s why we love this activity and why we recommend you grab a coffee to go with your cookies and give it a try this holiday season.

It’s a Fun Experience for the Whole Family

Everyone likes cookies (or at least everyone we’ve ever met does). What does that mean in this case? Well, it means your whole family is highly likely to enjoy the Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll. You can enjoy walking the world Showcase together and taking in the holiday decor as you share yummy cookies and bask in the Christmas cheer that is all around you.

The Cookie Stroll is an excellent way to make some extra special holiday memories with your family, no matter how young the kids are or how old they get.

Try Cookies from Around the World

One of the most fun things about the Cookie Stroll is the fact that you get to try cookies from different parts of the world and share in the holiday traditions of other cultures.

The Black and White Cookie, for instance, is served up at the Jewish food stop aptly named “L,Chaim!”. This is because while the cookie originated in Bavaria, it is popular with Jewish people, especially in NYC. While the cookie is not a holiday cookie specifically, it likely is enjoyed during the holiday season by many.

You’ll also get to try the Linzer cookie (which originated in Austria and is a popular holiday treat in that part of the world) at the Bavaria Holiday Kitchen, as well as a classic gingerbread cookie at Holiday Hearth Desserts, a “Snickers Doodle cookie” at Yukon Holiday Kitchen, and a chocolate crinkle cookie at American Holiday Table.

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Exercise Some of Those Calories Away

We all know cookies aren’t exactly health food, and eating several of them in a single day can’t be good for you. It’s the holiday season though, and you’re on vacation, so you might as well enjoy yourself.

That said, if you’re feeling a little bit guilty about indulging, you can always remind yourself that you’re working for those cookies. A walk around the World Showcase is a good 1.2 miles of steps, meaning you’re getting a large amount of exercise while you chow down on sweets. While you won’t break even in terms of calories, you will be doing much better than if you had eaten all those cookies while sitting around at home.

The Cookies are Surprisingly Affordable

You might be wondering how much this cookie-eating adventure is going to cost you. We are talking about Walt Disney World Resort, after all, and many snacks come in at $6 or more. You’ll be happy to know that the cookies on this stroll are actually quite affordable. Each scrumptious treat costs only $2.50, and these cookies aren’t itty bitty either.

In fact, my family of four shared the cookies on the stroll quite easily and felt like we had had plenty of sugar by the end of the journey. Best of all, we only spent $12 for this super fun and memorable holiday outing.

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Holiday Cookie Stroll (Credit: Disney)

The Passport is a Great Souvenir

As you walk around the World Showcase collecting cookies, you will carry a Cookie Stroll Passport with you. Every time you purchase a cookie, you will receive a stamp in your cookie passport showing where you’ve been and which treat you tried there.

This passport is absolutely adorable and makes for an excellent Disney park souvenir. We especially like it for scrapbooking purposes, but we’re sure it would be fun in a shadow box as well.

You Get a Free Cookie (and More) at the End!

Perhaps the best part of the Cookie Stroll is the end goal. You see, those who completely fill out their cookie passports receive a free specialty cookie to round things out. This year’s completer cookie is an absolutely adorable sugar cookie shaped like an ornament and printed with 50th-anniversary artwork. It’s super sturdy, so it’s totally possible to carry this last of the Christmas cookies home if you’re all sugared out by the time you get to it.

That said, we really hope you aren’t totally done with sugar by that point. Why? Because those who finish this year’s cookie stroll get a special surprise that isn’t usually included: a mini peppermint sundae. This ice cream treat is made with chocolate ice cream and peppermint pieces, and tastes as good as it looks.

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We’d say these two prizes are well worth the hard work of eating five delicious cookies and enjoying the festivities in the World Showcase. What about you? Do you plan to do the Cookie Stroll at the Epcot Festival of the Holidays this year? We know we will and it might even become a new holiday tradition for our family.


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