9 Fabulous Epcot Fireworks Snacks

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We’re so glad “Harmonious” is now a nightly entertainment option in Epcot. During the stretch of time that Disney was open without fireworks, the parks always felt empty at night, and it was hard to feel like a day in the parks ever had a proper close.

That said, we dislike camping out for the fireworks as much as ever, and while it is easier to find a spot around World Showcase Lagoon in Epcot than it is to find a viewing spot in Magic Kingdom, it can still feel like a long wait. This is where fireworks snacks come into play. After all, Walt Disney World dining can make anything better.

Sure, you could attend a fireworks dessert party, but why not pick up some snacks on your own? Epcot is a food-lover’s paradise, and finding good Disney food in this Disney park is easy.

That said, some snacks are definitely better fireworks snacks than others. You see, snacks that are meant to be enjoyed during the show should be portable, easy to eat, and easy to pick up while waiting for the show.

Fortunately, we’ve done our own fair share of “research” (read: chowing down), meaning you don’t have to. We’re here to share our top picks for Epcot fireworks snacks so you can choose wisely on your next visit to Walt Disney World Resort.

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Churros with Hazelnut Spread

Found at La Cantina de San Angel in the Mexico Pavilion, these tiny, bite-sized churros are absolutely perfect. Not only are they portable, they’re also served with chocolate hazelnut spread as a dipping sauce to add even more flavor.

To top it all off, La Cantina’s outdoor seating area is the perfect place to watch the fireworks. This means you can grab your treat, have a seat, and enjoy the view while you wait for a spectacular performance out on the water.

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Another of the wonderful Epcot snacks served at La Cantina, the nachos are the perfect choice if you’re looking for something savory or more filling. These nachos are topped with white nacho cheese sauce, beans, and beef, making for a flavorful snack that’s hard to beat when you’re feeling hungry. We love that more than one person can snack on these, and that they are relatively portable food.

Of course, thanks to the location of this eatery, you don’t really need them to be super portable. Just make sure you snag a good seat while they’re available, as the chairs in this seating area do tend to go quickly.

School Bread

Moving on around the World Showcase, the next pavilion you come to is the Norway Pavilion. Our snack spot of choice in this area? Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe.

This adorable little bakery serves up tons of amazing treats. Our two favorites are the school bread and the troll horn. That said, the troll horn is a bit messy to eat on-the-go. Therefore, we have to say that the soft, custard-filled, coconut-topped school bread is the better fireworks snack.

Caramel Popcorn

On to Germany! In this pavilion, we highly recommend heading into the incredible Karamell-Küche. Just as the smells coming out of this delightful caramel shop might suggest, this place is chock-full of wonderful things to eat.

One of our favorite options in the whole shop is the house-made caramel popcorn. This is easily some of the best caramel corn we’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. We love that the small bag can easily be split between two people, and we find that this is one of the most portable, fireworks-friendly snacks out there.

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Giant Pretzel

Germany serves up one other ideal fireworks snack: giant, hand-twisted pretzels. These delicious savory snacks can be found at a little cart called Pretzels und Bier, and they couldn’t be more wonderful.

Made fresh daily, and typically served up hot, the pretzels from Pretzels und Bier are served with a spicy mustard. They are perfect for carrying with you as you seek out the ideal fireworks viewing spot, and they’re so huge that sharing with a friend shouldn’t be a problem.

Funnel Cake

Once you get halfway around the World Showcase, you’ll come to the American Adventure Pavilion. When you do, stop at the funnel cake stand to grab a yummy sweet treat that is wonderful to enjoy while watching the fireworks.

As you might have guessed, the funnel cake stand serves…well, funnel cakes. These are just as delicious as any funnel cake you might’ve tried before, and the stand usually offers a variety of yummy toppings to make their cakes extra special. Our favorite is the chocolate sauce, but those who enjoy extra sweet things might prefer the cookies and cream funnel cake that includes ice cream.

Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich

Speaking of ice cream, another of our favorite fireworks snacks in Epcot is found at the ice cream shop, L’Artisan des Glaces in the France Pavilion. The treat itself? The brioche ice cream sandwich.

If you’ve ever had brioche bread, you know that the stuff is rich, sweet, and almost cake-like. The folks at L’Artisan des Glaces take a brioche bun, fill it with ice cream, and then press it in a panini press. The result is a yummy snack that is warm on the outside, cold on the inside, perfectly sweet, and wonderfully portable.

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Fish and Chips

Need a filling option but not in the mood for nachos? Head to the UK Pavilion for fish and chips! These are made fresh at Yorkshire County Fish Shop, and are one of the best quick service options in the park (and that’s saying something).

While this is technically a meal, it is a nice finger food, and actually works very well as a heavier fireworks snack. This is especially true if you have somebody to share the serving with. We also love that the seating area for this restaurant gives you a good view of the water and the fireworks.

Maple Popcorn

When you finally make it to the Canada Pavilion, be sure to stop in for some maple popcorn. This is a delicious twist on a classic treat, and like the caramel popcorn mentioned above, it makes for an excellent portable, shareable treat that is ideal for enjoying during a show.

It should also be noted that if you have a refillable popcorn bucket, you can actually pay the refill price to get your bucket filled with this flavored popcorn. If you do this, this is one of the best values in the park.

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