Finding The Best Coffee in Disney World

If you’re anything like me, coffee is a must-have to get through the day. In fact, I don’t do much of anything until I’ve had my coffee, especially on those early Disney mornings. The problem? I don’t particularly like the regular drip coffee served up in most Disney Resort food courts and restaurant locations. This has led me on a mission to find the best coffee at Disney World.

Honestly, this wasn’t exactly an easy feat. Many of the best coffee spots in Disney World are pretty hidden away. That said, it was totally fun and well worth it. Additionally, because I put in the legwork, you get all of the benefit without any of the effort!

So fellow coffee lovers and Disney fans, next time you’re in Disney World, check out these shops to get your coffee fix.

Disney’s Riviera Resort

La Petit Cafe

First on our list is the newest of the Disney coffee shops. La Petit Cafe is located in Disney’s Riviera Resort and is absolutely adorable. The super cute shop features delicious pastries as well as any espresso drink you could possibly want, including our favorite, the Shakerato.

La Petit Cafe does have some seating available for Guests, and we found it to be quite comfortable. It’s situated in the lobby of the Riviera, and we highly recommend checking out the artwork in the lobby and throughout the hotel when you visit the coffee shop.

Trattoria Al Forno

If you’re hoping to have a sit-down meal with your coffee, Trattoria Al Forno restaurant on Disney’s BoardWalk is the place for you. This lovely little Italian eatery has all kinds of delicious things to eat and drink, and because it is Italian, you can bet on some really good coffee.

Our favorite coffee drink at this restaurant location is listed on the breakfast menu as “iced coffee.” This isn’t just any iced coffee though; the drink uses a special blend of coffee beans which are brewed dark and served with cream and sweetener over ice. It’s the perfect way to get a morning boost on a hot Florida day.

Kona Island Sign

Kona Island

A convenient little coffee bar in the morning and a grab-and-go sushi place at night, Kona Island is an excellent spot to hang out when in Disney’s Polynesian Resort. The morning coffee menu consists of all kinds of yummy pastries, as well as lattes, cappuccinos, and other wonderful espresso beverages.

We really like that this cafe is located on the monorail loop, making it easy to visit while resort hopping. Additionally, we really enjoy grabbing our cup of morning joe and exploring the grounds of this beautiful resort.

Contemporary Grounds

Another wonderful coffee bar located on the monorail loop, Contemporary Grounds can be found in Disney’s Contemporary Resort. We love that this coffee bar offers some unique beverages such as the Frozen Kona Mocha, Shakin’ Jamaican Cold Brew, and peach iced tea. We also really appreciate the smoothies found here.

Contemporary Grounds does have some pastries to choose from. All are good and a great addition to any cup of coffee, so be sure to grab one while you’re there.

Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew

Heading into Disney Springs?  Make sure you hit up Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew. The donuts here are to die for, and while most of the coffee drinks are incredibly sweet, we think they are an excellent afternoon treat.

People especially love the Reese’s Nitro and the Double Chocolate Nitro, but we are also happy with a simple traditional cold brew with one of the amazing flavored cold foams the shop offers.

L’Artisan Des Glaces

So far, we have yet to mention any place to get coffee within a Disney park. That changes now. Epcot’s L’Artisan Des Glaces in the France pavilion isn’t truly a coffee shop (it’s actually an ice cream spot), but it does have one delicious coffee drink that is well worth mentioning: the CafĂ© GlacĂ©.

The CafĂ© GlacĂ© is an iced cappuccino served with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream on top. No, it isn’t the strong morning brew many of us like to wake up with, but it is a delicious afternoon treat that doubles as a pick-me-up.

Credit: Disney

Gideon’s Bakehouse

Another fantastic Disney Springs coffee option can be found at Gideon’s Bakehouse. Like L’Artisan Des Glaces, this place isn’t a coffee shop really, but the bake shop does serve cold brew coffee and it is very good, especially when enjoyed with a cookie.

The Nitro cold brew offered here comes in three different flavors: peanut butter, ginger snap, and the Classic White Cold Brew. All three are delicious, so we recommend choosing your coffee based on which baked treats you buy, making sure the treat and drink go well together.

Starbucks Locations

Of course, we must mention good ol’ Starbucks coffee. Starbucks shops can be found in all four theme park locations as well as Disney Springs. All of your Starbucks favorites can be found at every Disney Starbucks location, making this a reliable option no matter where you find yourself on Disney property.

We appreciate that we can earn Starbucks rewards when ordering at Disney World Starbucks locations. We also like that we can use Starbucks gift cards in the Walt Disney World parks and at Disney Springs. Finally, we really appreciate the exclusive Disney Starbucks cups the in-park stores use, as well as the unique merchandise they sell.

Credit: Joffrey’s

Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosks

Finally, there are the Joffrey’s Coffee kiosks scattered all over Disney property. All of the resort coffee shops mentioned serve up Joffrey’s Coffee, and you can expect that same quality from the little Joffrey’s kiosk locations you see in the parks and in other Disney locations.

Lattes and cappuccinos are served at each coffee kiosk, and unique Disney latte art can be added (this is also available at some resort coffee bars). Brewed coffee is also an option, as is a frozen cappuccino that we happen to love on a hot day.

Ready to try some amazing coffee shops in Disney World? As you plan your next Walt Disney World trip, be sure to schedule some time to check out each and every one of these. In some cases, you will have to travel to other resorts, and you’ll have to make at least one trip to Disney Springs, but if you’re a true coffee fan, I know you’ll have fun going on a mission to find yummy coffee beverages all over Disney property.

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