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Walt Disney World vs. Amusement Parks

Have you ever met a person that insists they “don’t like Disney World” even though they’ve never been there? Usually their explanation is somewhere along the lines of, “I don’t like amusement parks.” An explanation that seems fair enough until you consider what Disney World actually is. You see, the Disney parks are much more than your typical amusement park. ...

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10 Ways to Stay Safe at Walt Disney World

After putting months of planning and an enormous amount of money into your Disney World trip, the last thing you want is for something to harm you or one of your family members. For this reason, many people wonder what steps they can take to ensure they stay safe throughout their trip and that nothing unmagical comes their way. Obviously, ...

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10 Disney Fans’ Greatest Moments at Walt Disney World

In our opinion, every single moment spent at Disney World is magical. That said, there are certainly some moments that are even more magical than others. If you know to watch for them, you’re sure to understand exactly what we mean. Therefore, we’ve created this list of our 10 favorite moments at Walt Disney World and what makes them so ...

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A Weekend Getaway Plan for Walt Disney World

Some might say that going to Disney World for a weekend is pointless. They might claim you could never see or do enough in just two or three days. Now, obviously you won’t be seeing or doing everything in Disney World in a single weekend, but we completely disagree that visiting for a few days is a silly choice. In ...

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