8 Things We Love About Backlot Express in Hollywood Studios

Looking for a good quick-service choice in Disney’s Hollywood Studios? This Disney park has a few excellent options these days, making it hard to decide where to dine. While the new Woody’s Lunch Box and Docking Bay 7 restaurants do offer extra magical quick-service experiences, there is one older Hollywood Studios counter-service location that still stands solid and strong: Backlot Express.

Credit: Disney

There are a number of reasons to eat at Backlot Express in Hollywood Studios theme park. For instance, it’s an especially great pick if you’re in the area of the Star Tours attraction, because it’s so close by.

Wondering what other factors you should consider when trying to decide if this Disney restaurant offers the type of experience you’re looking for? Read on to learn the top reasons we love Backlot Express and to see if this place is the right choice for you.

Fun Backstory

One of the most awesome things about Backlot Express is the backstory of the place. Unfortunately, many guests completely miss this amazing backstory, so be sure to pay attention when you go. This will allow you to take everything in and fully immerse yourself in the unique and fun world created by Disney Imagineers.

Wondering what story you should be looking for? Well, the restaurant is supposed to be a warehouse on a studio lot where movie props are created and stored. Because of this, there are props everywhere you turn, and the whole place feels exactly like a warehouse rather than an eatery.

Incredible Attention to Detail

Not only is there a fun backstory attached to the Backlot Express, but the Imagineers who put the place together really went all out, paying attention to every little detail — which is what they are so well-known for.

Be sure to check out the paint cans in the paint department for fun messages, look at the pavement to check out the different ground/floor styles the props department can create, and see if you can find props from popular films. It also pays to look closely at any writing you can find, as there are bits of story wrapped up in each and every one.

Backlot Express

Credit: Disney

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Lots and Lots of Tables

So, besides theming, what else does this place have going for it? The answer to this is simple: tables. Lots and lots of tables and chairs, which means lots of places to rest your tired feet. There are tons of indoor seating options, along with many outdoor covered tables and even some seating with umbrellas totally outside the restaurant.

We can’t imagine that all of the tables and chairs offered by this eatery ever fill up, and on a crowded day this can be a huge benefit, especially if it’s hot, cold, or rainy, and you need a break from the weather.

Super Fast Service

Those who need to enjoy a meal super quickly will really appreciate Backlot Express. Because the staff is so well-trained and has to handle big crowds on a regular basis, they are excellent at taking orders quickly and getting food on plates in an incredibly timely manner. For this reason, we highly recommend Backlot Express if you’re trying to get to your next ride or show quickly and don’t want to spend too much time eating.

Solid, Classic Food Choices

Not that we’ve covered theming, seating, and speed of service, let’s talk a little bit about the food served up at Backlot Express. While we will admit that the menu here isn’t anything terribly creative or memorable, every single thing the restaurant serves is solid and easy to enjoy.

The offerings include things like an Angus bacon cheeseburger, chicken nuggets or chicken strips, and french fries, so you can go in knowing even the pickiest eaters in your group will find something to enjoy here. Meanwhile, those who are feeling a bit more adventurous will likely find something like the Cuban sandwich or the Angus cheeseburger with pepper jack cheese and barbecued pork interesting enough to keep them happy.

Options for Restricted Diets

Wondering if Backlot Express is something you can eat on a more restricted diet? Well, that depends on what your restrictions are, but we will say that the restaurant does offer a plant-based hummus option that is quite yummy And perfect for those on a vegan diet. They also have a list of allergy-friendly options available on their website, so you can see if there is something that will work for you.

Themed Sweet Treats

We appreciate that Backlot Express is always rotating new, creative sweet treat options. These dessert choices are almost always tasty and are often character-inspired, making them an extra fun way to finish off your lunch or dinner. Currently, this Disney restaurant is offering an adorable Wookiee Cookie (oatmeal cream pie with a chocolate sash) in honor of the most famous Wookiee, Chewbacca, as well as a very pretty and surprisingly affordable Glimmer and Shimmer Blondie in celebration of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.

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Alcoholic Beverages

Last but not least, we must mention the fact that alcoholic beverages are served in this quick-service restaurant. This is actually pretty common in Hollywood Studios counter-service restaurants, so we wouldn’t choose this location based on this fact alone. However, it certainly is an added benefit if you were planning on dining here anyway.

It’s pretty plain to see that Backlot Express has a lot to offer WDW guests. We think it’s an especially great option for those seeking shelter from the weather, parents with picky kids, and people wanting a fast meal in the area of Star Tours. That said, we wouldn’t turn down a trip to the quick-service restaurant right now, given the opportunity.

Why not give the place a try on your next Walt Disney World Resort vacation to see if you might love it just as much as we do? We’re guessing you won’t be disappointed!

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