7 Reasons We Love Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom

Casey's Corner
Credit: Disney

Casey’s Corner is a beloved quick-service hotdog spot in the Magic Kingdom. The restaurant first opened back in 1992 and has been going strong ever since. It’s small, but has a whole lot going for it, meaning we end up visiting this spot often. 

If you’ve never been to Casey’s Corner, you may be wondering what’s so great about it. Honestly, part of our love for this place comes from nostalgia. Yes, this could be because we’ve made so many vacation memories here, but we firmly believe even a person who has never stepped foot in the restaurant will feel some level of nostalgia. This is just how the eatery—along with the rest of Main Street, U.S.A.—is designed.

That said, nostalgia is far from the only thing to love about this place, and even if you aren’t one to get the feels easily, we’re betting you’ll enjoy a visit here.

Here are some of the things we adore about Casey’s Corner that we think you’ll love too. 

Quick and Easy

This first reason is a practical one: Casey’s Corner is incredibly quick and easy to access. Because it’s right by the park hub, you can reach it from any land relatively quickly, making it a great meeting point. The line tends to go pretty quickly even when it gets long, and even picky eaters are likely to find something they’ll enjoy here, removing the need to visit many different eateries just to feed one family.

All of this makes Casey’s Corner an ideal spot to grab food when you’re in a hurry and/or need a central meeting place. 

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Eat on the Go

Another thing that makes Casey’s Corner ideal for a super quick meal? Because their focus is on hotdogs and french fries, most of what they serve is very easy to eat on the go. This is especially true for the little corn dog nuggets, but really any hotdog could be considered grab-and-go food. 

We like this because it means we can meet up with family or friends, get our food, and walk to the next attraction while eating. Best of all, no matter what that attraction is, it won’t be too terribly far away since Casey’s is in the middle of the park. 

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Classic Choices

As mentioned above, Casey’s Corner is a quick-service location that has some of the very best options for picky eaters. Essentially, if you like hotdogs, you’ll like Casey’s.

As you might expect from a hotdog joint, many of the items on this menu are classics, steadfast, and never changing—something many picky eaters and planners really appreciate. After all, it is nice to know you can always go to Casey’s for a predictable chili cheese dog or a snack of corn dog nuggets at the end of a long day. 

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Ever Evolving Menu

Yes, many of the menu items at Casey’s Corner quick-service restaurant are classics that will likely never change. Still, the ever inventive minds behind this Disney World restaurant also manage to include some unique and interesting items that are always being rotated in and out. This is fantastic for the more adventurous eaters out there, as well as those who like to try something new on every trip but always want to return to Casey’s.

Some of the current unique menu items are the plant-based slaw dog (great for those looking for vegan options) as well as the sweet and savory strawberry-and-funnel-cake hotdog referred to as the 50th Celebration hotdog. 

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Fun Theme

We mentioned above that Casey’s Corner is nostalgic in the same way the rest of Main Street, U.S.A. is nostalgic. The restaurant, like the street around it, has a decidedly early-20th-century vibe with beautiful Victorian style everywhere you look. 

That said, Casey’s has a bit more going for it than just the early 1900s design and decor. This fun restaurant has a turn-of-the-century baseball theme, and there are interesting little baseball touches all over the eatery. Be sure to take the time to look at all of the fun decor while inside the restaurant. 

Live Entertainment

Yes, the decor inside of Casey’s Corner is adorable. That said, although this is one of the quick-service restaurant locations that does offer indoor seating, we actually recommend enjoying the decor before and while ordering, and then taking your food to the outdoor seating area. Why? The live entertainment!

That’s right, this counter-service restaurant actually has live entertainment for guests to enjoy throughout the day. This comes in the form of a pianist playing ragtime tunes from the early 1900s, and he is absolutely phenomenal at what he does. 

Sit back and enjoy the music as you chow down on an all-beef hot dog and do some people-watching on refreshment corner in Main Street, U.S.A. Make sure to check an entertainment schedule to ensure you time your meal right, and make a point of finishing off with an ice cream treat!

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Perfect Fireworks Fare

Unable to make it to Casey’s during the daytime when the pianist is playing? Don’t worry! There’s still a chance to enjoy some entertainment along with that hotdog. You see, thanks to its location on Main Street, U.S.A., as well as the portability of the food, Casey’s Corner provides the ideal fireworks meal. 

Hop in line while the rest of your family claims a spot to watch the nighttime spectacular, and then return to your crew with hotdogs in hand so you can watch the fireworks while munching on a delicious dinner. 

Clearly, there are tons of awesome reasons to love Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom theme park. Will you add this quick-service restaurant to your lineup on your next trip?

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