Tips for Staying Comfortable While Visiting the Walt Disney World Parks

Visiting Walt Disney World is, without a doubt, one of the most fun ways to vacation. That said, it does have its downsides.

Some of the biggest drawbacks of a Disney vacation? The various ways a long hot day in the parks can make you uncomfortable. 

Yes, the fun you’ll have and magic you’ll witness is worth this little bit of discomfort, but what if you could avoid being uncomfortable altogether? Believe it or not, you actually can avoid a lot of the things that tend to make people feel less-than-comfy during their time in a theme park. 

Below we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways to ensure we staying comfortable in Disney parks. Use these tips in each Disney park and you’re sure to stay happy as a clam during your park adventures. 

Invest in Good Shoes

Our Disney World tip that will help keep you comfortable? You absolutely must invest in good, supportive shoes before your visit even begins (more on this below). This will mean different things for different people, but a good rule of thumb is to choose a type of shoe you enjoy wearing already-one you know suits your foot type and offers the support you need. 

Break Your Shoes in Before Your Trip

Many people choose to purchase new shoes for their Disney vacation. While this isn’t a bad idea, especially if your current shoes are too broken down to offer much support, it can have disastrous results if you don’t break them in before your trip. If you buy new shoes, wear them regularly for at least a week before you go to ensure they’re well-broken-in and won’t rub blisters.

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Pack Extra Shoes

Even breaking in your shoes won’t always make you aware of little annoyances that can crop up when walking miles in a day. For this reason, and because even new shoes can break, we highly recommend packing at least one extra pair of shoes.

This way, you’ll have a backup plan should your original shoe plan prove to be too uncomfortable, or if your shoes have some other issues (such as a broken strap or hole in the sole). 

Have Band-Aids Tucked Away

One of the most common problems people face while exploring the parks are blisters on their feet. Even the most comfortable shoes can eventually rub blisters, so it’s a good idea to go in prepared by packing some tough bandages in your day bag. You can use these to cover the blisters so they aren’t getting progressively worse as you walk throughout the day.

Credit: Disney

Wear Comfortable, Light-Colored, Moisture-Wicking Clothes

Orlando is hot and this means Walt Disney World Resort is too. For this reason, you will need to choose your clothing wisely.

Pick clothes that are lightweight and light in color for your Disney trip. It’s also important that whatever you choose is comfortable for you and doesn’t rub or annoy you in any way. Lastly, we highly recommend packing clothes made with moisture-wicking material to keep your skin as dry as possible throughout the day. 

Wear Sunscreen

Your clothing choice is important, yes, but equally important is sunscreen. This stuff is forgotten far too often, and the resulting sunburn is often enough to put a damper on the rest of the trip. Avoid uncomfortable rubbing and blistering by making sure you apply sunscreen often throughout the day and finding shade whenever possible. 

Stay Well Hydrated

With extreme heat and lots of walking comes the very real possibility of dehydration. Because dehydration can become severe very quickly and can easily ruin an entire trip, this isn’t a problem you want to have.

Drink more water than you think you need and avoid having too many dehydrating beverages (coffee and soda, we’re looking at you). Remember that free water is available at any quick service location in all Disney World parks.

Eat Light Snacks Often

Eating a heavy meal when it’s super hot and then heading outside to walk around and ride Disney attractions isn’t exactly a recipe for success. Instead, carry snacks with you and try to eat light snacks throughout the day. Keep meals light and healthy as well.

Take a Personal Fan

When it’s really hot out, a bit of moving air can work wonders. Because of this fact, we highly recommend carrying a personal fan with you so you can cool off in the heat of the day. A fan attached to a spray bottle can be especially nice during the Florida summer. Just be sure not to spray those around you.

Consider Cooling Towels

Another great way to keep cool on those hot Florida summer days is to use cooling towels. These towels become quite cool when wet and can be wrapped around your neck to bring your body temperature down. 

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Ride a Water Attraction

Yet another option for when the heat gets overwhelming is to hop on a water ride. Splash Mountain is a good option when you’re in Magic Kingdom and Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom is also a good bet. 

Of course, there’s also the option of donning a bathing suit and heading to one of the two Disney water park options to cool off. 

Always Carry Layers

By now we’ve established that Florida can be really hot during the day. That said, it does have some chilly times too, especially when it comes to winter evenings. 

Additionally, the state sees a lot of rain in the afternoons, especially in the summer.

For this reason, we recommend that you always carry long pants, a jacket, and a poncho so you can stay dry and comfortable no matter what the weather decides to do. 

Reduce the Amount of Walking You Do

As mentioned before, going on a Disney World vacation means doing a lot of walking. That said, there are ways to cut back on the number of steps you take each day in order to keep your body a bit more comfortable. 

First, we highly recommend downloading the My Disney Experience app so you can see wait times without trekking across the park. 

Skipping the offsite hotel and staying in a Disney hotel can help as well. This allows you to use Disney transportation for the duration of your trip, so you can forgo the long trips through the parking lot.

Lastly, whether you choose a deluxe resort or one of the value resorts on Disney property, be sure to request a room near the transportation to the parks. Disney resort hotels can be really big, so this can make an enormous difference. 

Take Regular Breaks

Finally, it is incredibly important that you allow yourself breaks. We understand that you want to see and do it all, but honestly, that just isn’t possible-and even if it was, it wouldn’t be worth being miserable your whole trip.

Plan sit down meals daily (be sure to make dining reservations for each), give yourself a whole day to relax at the resort, and make sure to choose indoor sit-down attractions when you get too hot or tired. Some people even go as far as to take an afternoon break to go back to the hotel and rest.

Being well rested will make your trip a much more comfortable and enjoyable one.

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