Tips for Visiting Disney World in an RV

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Traveling in an RV is an amazing way to see the country. An RV allows you to go off the beaten path, make the most amazing places your backyard, and cook, shower, and sleep wherever you happen to roam. With the ability to travel anywhere and see anything in your RV, why wouldn’t you choose to take the rig to Walt Disney World Resort?

No, Disney World is not the first thing that pops into most people’s minds when they think about RV life. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful RV destination, and Disney World in an RV should definitely be on your bucket list as an RVer.

Not sure where to begin planning a Disney World RV vacation? We’re here to help. Use our top tips below, and you’ll be well on your way to having the best RV getaway ever.

Consider a Fall, Winter, or Spring Trip

It’s no secret that Florida is a hot and sunny place. After all, the state’s nickname is the Sunshine State.

This is great during the winter months when Florida is a balmy 75 or 80 degrees (°F) while the rest of the country is freezing, but in the summer months the Orlando area feels like an oven. This doesn’t not make for nice camping weather, and even though your trailer or motorhome probably has an air conditioner, it likely won’t be able to keep up with the Florida heat.

Therefore, we highly recommend avoiding the summer season if at all possible. Instead, opt for a fall, winter, or spring trip. This will help ensure you stay comfortable in your RV. 

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Stay at Fort Wilderness

Of course, you will need a campsite in order to park your home-on-wheels. There are tons of RV parks in the Orlando area. That said, one RV park stands out above the rest, especially if you’re headed to Disney World: Fort Wilderness, the official Disney campground.

This RV park and campground is on Disney property and only a short boat ride away from the Magic Kingdom. It also offers bus transportation to the other parks, along with every other amenity Disney Resort Hotel guests enjoy. 

Not only that, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort is easily one of the best RV park options in the country. This amazing RV resort features multiple swimming pools, a water slide, a hot tub, onsite dining and entertainment options, horseback riding and pony rides, carriage rides, archery, a spotless laundry facility, and a whole lot more.

One could easily spend weeks at Disney’s Fort Wilderness and never once get bored, and all of the amenities and facilities are in tip-top condition. 

Bring the Whole Crew

One major perk of staying at Fort Wilderness Campground-rather than one of the other Disney Resorts-is the fact that up to ten people can stay on your campsite. This is awesome for big families or even a group of friends who want to go in together on a site. It allows larger groups to stay together while still staying on Disney property and enjoying all the benefits of being a Walt Disney World Resort guest. 

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Rent a Golf Cart

Fort Wilderness Campground is enormous. It’s definitely one of the biggest campgrounds we’ve ever seen, and we’re betting it’s one of the biggest out there. Walking from one end to the other would take hours, so the resort has its own internal bus system.

That said, using the bus system is slow and can be irritating when you’re in a hurry to get from point A to point B. For this reason, many people choose to rent golf carts during their Fort Wilderness stay. We recommend you do the same. This is one investment we know you won’t regret making. 

Visit During the Holidays

As mentioned above, fall, winter, and spring are the ideal times to stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness (or visit Disney World in general). That said, if you have the option to pick any time at all, we highly recommend booking your stay during the holiday season. Specifically, we recommend visiting in early December when the holidays are in full swing but the crowd levels are still relatively low. 

You see, the folks who stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort often have a tradition of decorating their sites during the holidays, and the displays throughout the campground are fabulous. In fact, some of the displays rival those seen in professional light shows!

Take your golf cart on a little drive in the evening and check out all the amazing decorations your fellow campers have put up.

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Order Grocery Delivery

One of the many perks of vacationing in an RV at Disney’s Fort Wilderness is the fact that you can cook your own meals at your campsite. This saves you money and gives you the option to eat foods you may not be able to find in the parks.

Of course, in order to cook meals, you have to have food on hand, but nobody wants to run to the grocery store during vacation. This is where grocery delivery comes into play. Have your groceries delivered to the resort and you can have your relaxation time as well as the food you want. 

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Know the Fire Pit Rules

Something you will want to know when planning a stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness is that they have some pretty strict rules about where a campfire can be built. Not only does the fire need to be in a metal fire pit, the fire pit must also meet Disney standards. The rules state that the firepit must be on legs (keeping the fire off the ground) and must have a solid metal top (not mesh). 

There are places that will rent you an approved fire pit for the duration of your stay. 

Credit: Disney

Schedule a Resort Day

Last but not least, we highly recommend scheduling at least one day to skip the parks and simply enjoy your Walt Disney World Resort. As we pointed out above, the Disney World RV park is chock-full of amazing activities, and there are often scheduled events available to resort guests.

When staying at Fort Wilderness you could easily fill several days without ever stepping foot in a park, so you will definitely want to take advantage of at least some of what the campground has to offer during your Disney vacation.

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