10 Things We Love About Sunshine Seasons in Epcot

Easily one of the best quick-service restaurants in Epcot and perhaps on Disney property, Sunshine Seasons is a wonderful pick when it comes to Disney food. In fact, we’d even rate this quick-service restaurant above some table-service locations, and we definitely feel there are certain situations that would make this the very best dining option in the park.

Wondering if Sunshine Seasons might be a good option for your family? Honestly, if it’s something you’re already considering, we’re guessing that yes, it definitely would be a good choice. However, if you want to be absolutely sure before you head out to lunch or dinner, check out the things we love about Sunshine Seasons that we have listed below.

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Easy Access

Sunshine Seasons is located inside “The Land” building in Epcot. We won’t say it’s necessarily the most accessible quick-service restaurant no matter where you happen to be in the theme park-but then, we aren’t sure any of the eateries in this particular Disney park can lay claim to that designation.

What we will say is that Sunshine Seasons is incredibly easy to access if you happen to be checking out Soarin’ Around the World or Living With The Land. It’s also super close to The Seas, so it would at least be easy to access if you were looking around in that building.

Delicious Food

The thing that makes Sunshine Seasons stand out from the rest of the quick-service restaurant options is definitely the food. This has got to be some of the best counter-service food out there, and might even be the best on Disney property. Everything is prepared just right. The meat and fish aren’t overcooked, the veggies are well-seasoned, and we’ve never gotten cold food from this location.

Sunshine Seasons

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Unique Meal Options

In addition to serving delicious food, Sunshine Seasons also has it going on when it comes to unique menu options. This place has far more than your typical burgers and chicken nuggets. In fact, we don’t think there’s a single chicken nugget on their menu. Instead, they serve up things like oak-grilled salmon and oak-grilled rotisserie chicken with yellow rice, potato salad, potato chips, or mashed potatoes. Not many other quick-service restaurants can say that.

Healthy Choices Available

As you might have guessed when you heard they had menu selections like roast chicken and salmon, Sunshine Seasons has tons of healthy choices including veggie sides like green beans and salad options such as the popular Power Salad. They even have a few vegan options on their menu. This is a nice change of pace if you’ve been eating at a lot of counter-service places that serve up the same old fried foods. It’s also perfect for those on a diet who are looking to stay on track during their vacation. Best of all, you won’t be sacrificing flavor in order to enjoy these healthier choices.

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Allergy-Friendly Menu

Not only can you stick to a healthy diet when dining at this Disney World restaurant, but you can also have an allergen-free meal. This Disney restaurant has gluten-free, nut-free, egg-free, and even milk-free options, so you can enjoy your meal knowing you won’t have any negative reactions.

Excellent Kids Meals

The unique, healthy, and delicious foods on the menu at Sunshine Seasons aren’t limited to the adult menu. In fact, the kid’s menu at this quick-service location is one of the most varied kid’s menus in Disney World. Here, young diners can enjoy such meals as salmon, a roasted chicken drumstick, or a flatbread pizza. Sides include green beans, pasta salad, and applesauce, and small low-fat milk can be chosen as the beverage for those looking to keep it healthy.

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Incredible Desserts

Yes, the entrées at Sunshine Seasons are amazing, but it doesn’t end there. You see, this awesome restaurant also serves up some incredible sweet treats, meaning you won’t have to leave the restaurant to have an excellent dessert.

The lemon chiffon cake with blueberry mousse is to die for, and the strawberry shortcake and mini chocolate Bundt cake are equally delicious. Of course, there is also an allergy-friendly dessert menu, so everyone can enjoy a little treat at the end of their meal.

Sunshine Seasons

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Ever-Changing Menu Items

Healthy food choices are fantastic, and the fact that the restaurant caters to those with allergies is even more amazing. That said, one of our absolute favorite things about the menu at Sunshine Seasons is the fact that some of the items change on a regular basis. This is awesome because no matter how often we visit, we never get bored with the food here.

Of course, we do also appreciate those unchanging staples that stick around for our less adventurous days when we just want something familiar.

Tons of Seating

Lastly, we must mention the fact that this place has a ton of seating. The restaurant is situated in the middle of the lower level of The Land building, and almost the entire center section is taken up by restaurant seating. This is fantastic because we’ve never been unable to find seating at this eatery, and it’s all indoors, meaning we’re out of the heat and/or rain while we enjoy our meal.

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Lots to Look At

A handful of Disney quick-service restaurants offer live entertainment, an immersive experience, or something else to make them extra magical.

While Sunshine Seasons doesn’t quite make it onto that “extra magical” list, we do have to say that it is a fun place to eat. Why? Because there are tons of things to look at and take in. From the fun ceiling decorations to the hustle and bustle of people going in and out, we’re guessing you won’t lack things to occupy your eyes and mind while dining here.

Ready to try Sunshine Seasons, so you can join us in believing it’s the best Epcot quick-service location? Why not add it to your next trip itinerary? We’re certain you’ll love it as much as we do, and you might even find yourself squeezing in another meal there before your trip ends.

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