Why We Love Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Magic Kingdom

If someone were to ask us to list our favorite snack spots in Magic Kingdom Park, Sleepy Hollow Refreshments would definitely be somewhere near the top of the list. It’s one of those spots that we end up visiting on a fairly regular basis when we are in Walt Disney World Resort, and we think everyone should give it a try at least once.

Unfortunately, many people pass right by this eatery without even noticing it. We get it–the place doesn’t exactly stand out from the surrounding scenery. That said, what the snack stand offers definitely does stand out, so we recommend making a point of seeking it out next time you’re in Magic Kingdom.

Still not sold? Let’s go over some of the reasons why we LOVE Sleepy Hollow Refreshments so you can see why we’re convinced you’ll like it too.

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Quick and Easy Food Stop

Because Sleepy Hollow is a counter service snack stand rather than a whole quick service restaurant, it is a super easy place to pick something up as you walk by. All you have to do is walk up to a window to order then walk around a corner to pick it up. No fussing with doors, finding your way to a counter, and fighting crowds to pick things up.

Sure, there is usually a line (because it’s so delicious), but it moves fast so you’re never waiting too long, and once you get to the window, you’re in and out in no time.

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Handy Location

Not only is this place super quick, it’s also in a fantastic location. You see, while this tiny eatery is technically located in Liberty Square, it’s closer to the hub than anything else. This means it’s convenient from almost any other land, making it the perfect place to grab a snack before watching the fireworks.

Shaded Outdoor Seating

So far, everything we’ve mentioned has made it sound like we always grab our food and leave in a hurry, but this isn’t actually the case. In fact, Sleepy Hollow Refreshments has some wonderful shaded outdoor seating that we take advantage of on a regular basis. The seating is just hidden enough that it is rarely overcrowded, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a snack while doing some people-watching.

View of the Castle

Not only can you see people go by from the Sleepy Hollow seating area, you also get an awesome view of Cinderella Castle. In the past, we have enjoyed the shows in front of the castle from this location. Unfortunately, those shows aren’t currently available as of this writing, but it is still nice to admire the magical castle from a different angle while munching on something delicious.

Credit: Disney

Sweets Galore

Speaking of delicious things, we really need to talk about the food at this favorite snack stop. One of the things Sleepy Hollow is best known for is its selection of sweet treats, and for good reason.

The place makes the best powdered sugar-covered funnel cake in the whole world, and you can get them topped with fruit for extra measure. Not only that, but the snack stand also serves up whipped cream and strawberry-covered Mickey waffle snacks. If a Mickey waffle isn’t your thing you can get a huge Belgian-style waffle that is topped with chocolate-hazelnut spread and fruit before being folded in half to be eaten like a sandwich.

Technically, that fresh fruit waffle sandwich is only available during breakfast hours, but we have seen it stick around until later in the day. Still, you will want to get there as soon as you can to make sure you can enjoy that particular Disney recipe.

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Grab-and-Go Meals

Yes, those sweet treats are fantastic, but they aren’t the only things the place makes. You’ll also find some seriously amazing grab-and-go mini-meals here. These are awesome because you can pick them up and munch on them as you walk through the theme park, meaning you don’t lose any ride time stopping to eat.

Currently, the restaurant is serving the beloved Disney park Turkey Leg, a food that can easily feed two. A hand-dipped corn dog is also available here and is served with chips, so that’s sure to fill you up as well.

Our favorite savory grab-and-go food at the counter? The Sweet and Spicy Chicken-Waffle Sandwich. This is some seriously delicious grub. It features a breaded chicken strip on a perfectly golden waffle, a honey-sriracha glaze, and a yummy broccoli slaw to help cut the sweetness and the spice. Yum!

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Freshly Made Foods

Perhaps what makes the food from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments extra good is that everything is made fresh right before your eyes. That’s right, you can actually watch the funnel cakes and waffles as they’re being made. Those chips we mentioned before? They’re made in-house and are to die for. The corn dogs? They’re dipped and fried as they’re needed.

It doesn’t get much fresher than the foods served up at Sleepy Hollow, and we appreciate that our food is always crisp and hot when we get it.

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As you can tell, we really do love Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, and we are thoroughly convinced anyone who tries it will also fall in love with it. We hope you’ll take the time to stop by on your next Magic Kingdom adventure. Grab a waffle sandwich, sit in the shaded seating area, and gaze at the castle as you live out your dining fantasies and dream about what’s yet to come during your Disney day.

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