Here’s Why You NEED to Try Flame Tree Barbecue at Animal Kingdom

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By far one of our favorite quick-service restaurants on Disney World property, Flame Tree Barbecue in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, is a must-visit every time we find ourselves in the Disney Park. This place has everything we look for in a Disney quick-service restaurant and more. We have never left the restaurant feeling disappointed, and we would definitely recommend it to any of our family and friends (provided they enjoy barbecue, of course).

Not convinced you need to visit Flame Tree? We get it, we are hyping it up quite a bit without much explanation as to why. Read on for more specific reasons we think you should add this counter-service restaurant to your itinerary on your next Disney vacation.

Flame Tree Barbecue (Photo Credit: Disney)

Awesome Location

First, we have to mention the amazing location of this eatery. Flame Tree is found on Discovery Island, the first land you come to when entering the park. While it isn’t in the very center of the park, it is pretty easy to get to no matter where you are when the hunger sets in. We especially love the location for grabbing dinner on the way out of the park after a long day. That said, we honestly don’t mind walking over for lunch, especially if we happen to be in Pandora or DinoLand when mealtime tolls around.

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Something Different

As is the case in most places, the fast food options in Disney World tend to revolve around burgers, chicken nuggets, and the occasional hot dog or bowl of mac and cheese. That said, Disney has gotten better about mixing things up a bit, and if you’re willing to look for it, there is some variety available in the parks. Flame Tree Barbecue is an excellent example of this.

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As the name suggests, this restaurant serves up some amazing barbecue. This includes things like St Louis ribs, a smoked pulled pork sandwich, and roast chicken as well as sides like their signature baked beans, french fries, and coleslaw. These are definitely a nice change of pace when it comes to quick-service food, and the delicious barbecue sauce offered with everything makes the food even better.

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Credit: Disney

Table Service Quality, Quick Service Prices

Not only is the food at this restaurant a nice change of pace, it’s also positively delicious. We’ve never been disappointed with anything we’ve ordered here, and we especially love the pulled pork (try it on baked macaroni and cheese for an extra delicious meal). We’d even go so far as to say the quality of this food is on par with many of the onsite sit-down eateries.

Another major bonus? We find that despite it’s delicious taste, the food here is not overpriced. Prices are in line with many other Disney quick service locations, and nowhere near what we would pay for table service barbecue. This is certainly a nice benefit when vacationing in Walt Disney World Resort.

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Shareable Portions Sizes

You’d think going to a place with high-quality food at quick-service prices would mean getting smaller portion sizes. This could change in the near future (based on an earlier statement), but as of this writing the portion sizes at Flame Tree Barbecue remain relatively large and, in our opinion, all the meals on the menu are shareable. If you’re headed to Flame Tree and aren’t very hungry or just aren’t a normally big eater, you might consider ordering something to share with a friend.

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Some of the most shareable meals include the ½ Chicken and the Ribs and Chicken Combo. Think you’ll need more than half of one of those meals? Consider ordering a side of fries to stretch the food a bit more without adding too much to your bill.

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Great Desserts

The dessert options at Flame Tree rotate regularly. That said, they are almost always wonderful. Right now, the dessert menu consists of two different cupcakes, and both are worth trying. We especially love the Menagerie Cupcake which is a moist and flavorful gingerbread cupcake that is filled with cream cheese filling and topped with cream cheese frosting. What better way to end an incredible meal?

Tons of Shaded Seating

If we had to think of one con of dining at Flame Tree it would have to be the fact that they don’t offer indoor seating. That said, they do have a ton of easily accessible outdoor seating available. In fact, there is so much seating here that we’ve never seen it all fill up. Not only that but all of that seating is well covered, out of the sun and rain.

As far as quick service outdoor seating goes, we have to say that Flame Tree has some of the best on property, and we definitely appreciate always having a shaded place to sit while eating our meal.

Credit: Disney

Fun Bird Visitors

Finally, we must mention the fun visitors that are often spotted at Flame Tree Barbecue. There are a number of beautiful – and incredibly friendly – birds that like to walk around the seating area.

While these feathered friends are likely looking for scraps that people drop, it is important that you don’t feed them, since human food isn’t really good for them. Instead, admire them and say hello from a distance as you enjoy your delicious and totally affordable meal from one of our favorite quick-service restaurants in all of Walt Disney World!

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There you have it, friends. Several reasons you really should visit Flame Tree Barbecue the next time you visit Animal Kingdom. What do you think? Will you give it a try? What will you order? We’re guessing you’ll enjoy your experience no matter what you order because Flame Tree is just that good. Bon appétit!

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