Best Disney Movies To Watch For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. If you’re like most people, you likely have a big meal planned, and might even be meeting up with friends or family. Most people watch football, and a lot of people will have a nap on the couch. Another thing an enormous number of American families do on Thanksgiving? Watch a movie together!


Of course, the question that always comes into play is, which movie to watch? Something family-friendly is a must, and a story that highlights everything we have to be thankful for is even better. Fortunately, Disney has a number of excellent movies that fit the bill perfectly, and most can be found on Disney+, making it incredibly easy to stream your Thanksgiving movie selection. Don’t want to scroll through the numerous choices on Disney+ trying to pick the ideal movie? Lucky for you, we’ve done the searching for you and are providing a list of the top 8 Disney movies to watch with your loved ones this Thanksgiving holiday.

1. Ratatouille

We love Ratatouille as a Thanksgiving movie for a variety of reasons. For starters, this movie is chock-full of food, allowing you to continue enjoying culinary masterpieces even after you’re so stuffed you can no longer button your pants. That said, the thing we love even more about this movie is the incredible message that anybody can do anything if they put their mind to it, along with the fact that friends are some of life’s greatest treasures.

2. Lilo and Stitch

Our next pick for Thanksgiving movie is Lilo and Stitch. This heartwarming movie has a strong focus on family, reminding us all to be thankful for o’hana (i.e. family) and always be there when they need us. Of course, the adorable little alien and incredibly silly moments help this one along as well, and make it an awesome pick no matter what age group you’re hanging out with.

3. Frozen

Keeping to that same theme, Frozen also reminds us just how valuable family connection can be by showing us the power of sisterly love. It also encourages us all to pay attention to the amazing friends in our lives and show them how much we appreciate them. Not only that, Frozen’s winter theme is the perfect way to welcome the cold weather and winter season, making this the ideal Thanksgiving movie, especially for the princess-obsessed kids in your life.

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4. The Emperor’s New Groove

On the hunt for a super silly movie that’s sure to have the whole family laughing? The Emperor’s New Groove might be right up your alley. We adore all of the comedy jam-packed into this ridiculous adventure. However, we also love the underlying theme which points out the importance of friends, family, helping one another, and being thankful for what we have, rather than always wanting more.

5. Toy Story Movies

The perfect family movies, any part of the Toy Story series would make the perfect Thanksgiving flick. We appreciate that each of these movies focuses on friends helping each other out through thick and thin. We also love the amazing animation, funny gags, perfect soundtracks, and amazingly detailed world that Pixar has created within the Toy Story universe. It would be almost impossible to find a better set of movies to watch on the Thanksgiving holiday, and if you have time, we’d even go far as to recommend watching them all.

Photo: Disney

6. Inside Out

Emotions are high during the holiday season. This will be especially true after such a rough year, making Inside Out a great movie choice for your Thanksgiving afternoon or evening. This movie encourages us all to get in touch with our emotions and attempt to get to the bottom of negative emotions. It also reminds us to be thankful for our beloved memories, while still realizing that change isn’t always a bad thing. On top of all that, this is a movie that slathers on the ‘family is important’ message thick, adding to our list of reasons to choose it for your holiday film.

7. Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Those who want to kick into Christmas gear as soon as Thanksgiving hits will appreciate this selection. Mickey’s Christmas Carol is a Disney twist on the Dickens classic, and is the perfect way to welcome the Christmas season. Not only does it feature your favorite classic Disney characters, there is also a strong underlying message to be thankful for what you have and to spread the love by sharing whatever that is with others. What message could be better for a Thanksgiving movie?

8. The Santa Clause

Another amazing Christmas film, The Santa Clause is our idea of the perfect family holiday film. It encourages us all to believe in magic, something we could all use this year. It also has a great message about the importance of family bonding and is an entertaining way to begin the Christmas season.

There you have it—8 wonderful Disney movies that are sure to bring your family closer this Thanksgiving. Pick one or choose a few and have a marathon. Whatever you do, be sure to have a great time adding some Disney magic to your Turkey day!

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