What You Need to Know About Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

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Our family finally arrived back in Orlando for the winter and recently got the opportunity to ride the new Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Yes, I know we’re a bit late to the game as far as bloggers go, but we got there as soon as we could. Despite being fashionably late, I do think I have some valuable tips to share that aren’t always included in the first-look blog posts on the subject.

For this reason, if you’re looking to fully enjoy this new Disney experience in the France Pavilion, I suggest you read on. These are the things I am glad I knew going in, as well as some things I wish I had known before we went on this new ride. I will definitely keep these things in mind on our next visit to Epcot theme park.

Here goes!

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There is No Age/Height Requirement

If you’re wondering whether your littlest Disney-goer can get on this Ratatouille ride, the answer is yes! There is no age or height requirement for this super fun family-friendly attraction, and tiny riders can sit in your lap. My two-year-old was able to keep the 3D glasses on her face, but it’s colorful enough that younger riders could enjoy it without the glasses.

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Don’t Worry if You Don’t Get In at 7

The virtual queue spots that open up at 7:00 AM go fast. Like, really fast. If you plan on going to Epcot in the morning, it does make sense to try to get in this first queue, but if you don’t make it, don’t worry. The 1:00 PM slots are much easier to snag, so as long as you and your party are in the park and waiting in the Disney Experience app to join the queue at 1:00 sharp, you’ll likely get a boarding group for the Ratatouille attraction then.

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Park Hopping Before Joining the Queue MIGHT Be Possible

In fact, the day we went, boarding groups were available a couple of hours after they were released at 1:00. This means that, depending on the day, you might be able to arrive after that 1:00 release time and still get in. This is great news for those who prefer to hop to Epcot in the afternoon, but those who choose to do this should be prepared for the possibility that they will be too late to snag a spot in line.

Be Prepared to Stay a While

Once we joined the virtual queue, we were in the park for almost six hours before our boarding group was called. This was fine for us because we didn’t arrive until just before 1:00. However, if you don’t typically stick around that long, or if you arrive in the morning and don’t get a boarding group until afternoon, you might find that waiting around for your group to be called takes quite some time.

I recommend arriving prepared to stay the entire day. Bring a jacket for when the sun goes down, along with some snacks to munch on.

Don’t Worry if Dining Reservations Conflict

We didn’t have this problem, but I’ve seen some people concerned that their dining reservations and boarding time might conflict. Don’t worry about this. Disney is very good at accommodating Guests when such things come up. Just bring it up to a Cast Member and they will tell you what to do.

Mention Your DAS Pass at the Entrance

There is sometimes a bit of a wait at the ride itself after your boarding group is called. If you have a Disability Access Pass, mention it at the entrance of the ride when your boarding group is called, and you will be able to bypass this extra wait.

Pay Attention while in the Queue

If there is no line, you might be tempted to blow right through the queue, but this would be a mistake. The entire queuing area is incredibly well themed, and actually gives you the feeling of being shrunk down to the size of a rat. Pay attention to those details. They make the experience more immersive and fun!

Use All of Your Senses

While on the ride, make sure to engage all of your senses. There were some surprising little details that made the whole thing feel much more realistic. Keep a nose out for fun smells and be prepared to feel some heat as you scurry through the kitchen!

This Ride might Trigger Motion Sickness

Like many newer rides, this attraction is screen-based. This is both a good and a bad thing. On the one hand, 3D screens make new and interesting things possible. On the other hand, they can also cause motion sickness. Unfortunately, I’m one who suffers from 3D ride-induced motion sickness, and this one did get to me a bit. That said, I’d totally ride it again and again, just maybe not several times in a row.

EPCOT’s Newly Expanded France Pavilion

Spend Some Time in the Area Surrounding the Ride

In addition to the awesome new ride, the France pavilion expansion also included some new theming and a restaurant. Make sure you give yourself time to wander the newly expanded France pavilion, keeping an eye out for clever little details and maybe even dining at the new La Crêperie de Paris, so you can enjoy some authentic French cuisine such as savory galettes and sweet crêpes. 

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We had a blast riding Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and will definitely go back to try this new attraction again. I think it is absolutely worth the hassle of snagging a spot in the virtual queue, and I feel confident that by using these tips, you will have an amazing time experiencing this new Disney attraction.

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