Disney’s New Song Will Be Parents’ “Let It Go”

Disney's Wish movie songs
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Walt Disney Animation Studios just dropped the entire soundtrack to its upcoming Wish movie, and it was hiding a stunningly beautiful song that seems to be written entirely for parents.

Sorry kids! You had all the control when the Frozen (2013) phenomenon “Let It Go” was released, but now it’s time for parents to get to play a song on repeat over and over again.

disney wish king magnifico

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Disney’s Wish Movie “At All Cost” Song

At All Costs” is a chillingly gorgeous song in Wish. It is a duet sung by Ariana DeBose and Chris Pine.

Ariana Debose plays the main character, Asha, in Wish, a young girl who wishes upon a star to save her kingdom. Chris Pine voices the villain King Magnifico, the ruler of Rosas, who is hoarding all the people’s wishes for himself.

It may seem odd that a duet between the hero and villain would be so amazing, but that is exactly what Disney has done with “At All Costs.”

Princess Asha and the wishing Star in Disney's 'Wish' movie

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Written for Parents in the Audience

But why is this song going to be an ode for parents? The lyrics revolve around protecting something dear to you at all costs. It is essentially the “Baby Mine” from Disney’s Dumbo (1941) for a modern audience, and it is like silk to your ears.

Chris Pine begins the song, and Ariana DeBose comes in for the second verse. The two then finish the piece by singing a chorus duet.

The song is already getting a lot of compliments on social media. However, some people do not understand the context and think Magnifico and Asha are singing a love song to each other.

It is important to note that the two are not actually speaking to one another. Instead, they both passionately sing about being protective of the wishes of the people of Rosas. However, one is more selfish in their devotion to said wishes.

The song’s lyrics completely reflect a parent’s love for their child and desire to protect them. It is a melody that will resonate with parents who see Wish with their children.

Chris Pine as King Magnifico in Disney's 'Wish' movie

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Chris Pine and Ariana DeBose Shine

The song is extremely pleasant to listen to, but the two talented actors have spoiled us with their voices. The chorus is particularly smooth:

Promise as one does
I, I will protect you at all costs
Keep you safe here in my arms
I, I will protect you at all costs
At all costs

Are you still not convinced? You can hear the song for yourself in the YouTube audio recording below.

Disney’s Wish Movie Songs

Wish is heading to theaters just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday on November 22. Lucky and devoted Disney fans can see an advanced screening before the release date on Saturday, November 18.

Other Disney’s Wish movie songs include the standout “This Wish.” The song will be the most remembered and popular by far, but “At All Costs” is unique in its mature and parental theme.

Chris Pine also has a villain song called “The Thanks I Get.” It had some critics when it was released online, but many have grown to love it. Furthermore, songs like “Welcome to Rosas” and “What I Know Now” are extremely pleasant.

asha, valentino, and star from Disney's wish film

Credit: Disney

Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rice wrote the lyrics, with Dave Metzger creating the original score.

Some fans have been cautious of the film. There has been talk that the unique watercolor animation style looks unfinished. However, if the soundtrack for Wish is anything to go by, Disney may just be in for a major hit of Frozen caliber to end a tough year for the company at the box office.

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