Let’s Talk About The Different Types of Disney Fans You May Encounter on Social Media

Let's Talk About The Different Types of Disney Fans You May Encounter on Social Media
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Disney is a vast corporation whose reach stretches to every corner of the world. Mainly concerned with entertainment, Disney has set itself apart from other companies by creating a distinct brand encompassing story-telling and magic mixed with a little bit of pixie dust. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t familiar with Disney, Mickey Mouse, one of their theme parks, or any of the properties that they’ve acquired throughout their reign. As such a prominent organization that is cemented in global culture, with its hands in just about everything we consume on a daily basis, Disney has amassed a significant following of fans who come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and approaches.

We all know someone who never vacations anywhere except for Disney World or someone else who “must have” anything dressed with the face of Mickey Mouse. We probably all know a few casual Disney fans as well as those Disney historians who are always cocked and ready to unload random oddball facts about Walt Disney, Disneyland, Marvel, and Star Wars\. Many of these fans flock to social media on a daily basis to share their knowledge, opinions, or beliefs about anything Disney does at the box office, in their parks, or as a company. Disney fans have little problem sharing their thoughts as they don’t just follow Disney; often, it’s part of who they are. Of course, this is by design, as Disney is an expert at appealing to the emotional side of fans, keeping them coming back for more and more.

 If you’re reading this article, we probably all have one thing in common: we’ve come across many different types of Disney fans on social media. There are plenty that are difficult to deal with and others that can be extremely helpful in learning new Disney facts, helping to plan Disney vacations, and sharing your fandom of Disney. So, today, let’s highlight some of the hilariously awesome Disney fans you’ll find on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else all over the internet. 

The Disney Fans Who Runs a Facebook Group

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We’ve certainly had a run-in or two with this type of Disney fan. Normally, you’ll find them sitting behind their cell phone, spending way too many hours patrolling large Disney groups, gatekeeping information, and banning group members to admin for posting a Disney World question on Monday when they’re only allowed on Tuesdays. They’re usually retired and consider themselves Disney royalty, although they’ve done nothing more for Disney than purchase an Annual Pass to one of their theme parks. You can find them at Magic Kingdom sitting for ridiculously long periods of time in the rocking chairs in Liberty Square because to them; Disney put them there just for them, not for you or me. 

The Disney Historian

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We briefly mentioned this one already, but if you belong to any group of Disney fans who like to hit up theme parks together, there’s always a Disney Historian among them. This person may or may not be a former Cast Member as somehow they know every square inch of Disney theme parks, when they were built, who designed them, and all of their hidden details. You can always find this person stopping their group, pointing out hard-to-see Hidden Mickeys, and ensuring their friends and families take advantage of Disney’s extreme details in their parks. On social media, they’re usually more traditional and support old-school Disney attractions, lobbying for their existence as Disney moves into the future.

The Ugly Cryer

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Usually, the Ugly Cryer is a variation of the Disney Historian. Much like their counterpart, you’ll find the Ugly Cryer online defending old rides and shows, and they typically have a deep emotional connection to anything Disney does. Often, in their eyes, Disney does no wrong. They enjoy all the movies and shows that Disney produces and only complain when something threatens the nostalgia of their childhood, and rightfully so. The Ugly Cryer usually can’t make it through the first five minutes of Bambi, and you can forget it once the fireworks start. This Disney fan has a timeline full of inspirational Walt Disney quotes that, if uttered out loud, will bring forth a flood of biblical proportions made of salty tears.

The Disney Fan Police

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The Disney Fan Police may be considered a traditionalist like many others on this list. However, their intentions usually aren’t good. In their own minds, they are everything a Disney fan is supposed to be, and if you’re not as equipped as them in knowledge, time in parks, and money spent on Disney stuff, you’re not a true fan. The online Disney Fan police don’t care that you got your years mixed up when talking about that time Disney turned Cinderella Castle into a cake because you didn’t get it right the first time; you can’t possibly enjoy Disney as much as they do. You’ll often find this fan trolling the internet with serious intent to dole out a few social media citations when incorrect quotes or typos. 

The Reseller

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Although there are some pretty frustrating people to deal with on this list, the most hideous of those is the reseller. Like a vulture waiting for a baby lion cub to kick the bucket after their dad gets trambled by wilderbeasts, Resellers wait for Disney to drop any piece of merchandise they deem collectible, and they will show up armed with credit cards, clearing shelves before anyone has a chance to get that new Mickey peace sign sweatshirt or popcorn bucket. You hoped to get that your hands on one of those exclusive magicbands? Sorry fella, Vanessa bought fifty of them and is now selling them on Facebook marked up 100%. You’ll usually find this person in your direct messages after you’ve asked a question about a specific Disney related item you’re hoping to get during your next visit. They can get it for you, because they have 100 of them already, but you’re going to have to pay a lot of money for whatever it is you can’t live without.

Social media sites are full of fun and sometimes overbearing Disney fans. It’s what makes the community so unique. However, we’re certain there are a few that we missed. What’s your experience with fellow Disney fans been like online? Which type of fans are you? We’d love to know!


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