‘Elemental’ Surprises Overseas

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Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

Disney Pixar’s Elemental (2023) still has legs.

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Credit: Pixar Animation

Box Office Bomb?

After a slow start at the box office – some citing the Pixar movie as the studio’s biggest flop ever – Elemental (2023) is still surprising those in the industry. Despite the massive success of Barbie (2023) and Oppenheimer (2023), Pixar’s newest release is still making money.

In its 7th weekend, Elemental (2023) raked in another $16.1 million, bringing its overall global total to nearly $400 million.

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Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

A Box Office…Break Even?

Although still far from the success of other Pixar films or even Universal Studios and Illiumination’s The Super Mario Bros Movie (2023), which grossed $1.3 billion, Elemental (2023) may still hit a break-even point. The film cost about $200 million to produce and is estimated to have spent about $200 in marketing – meaning it needs to hit $400 million to break even.

All studios, including the Walt Disney Studios, want their products to do more than just break even – but it’s still a vast improvement over its initial opening box office.

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Credit: Pixar Animation

Despite its lackluster opening weekend box office, the film has managed to have some legs, allowing it to turn in another few million dollars week over week. This is not something that many films enjoy. Some films, such as many Marvel titles, often have a massive opening weekend and little more activity or ticket sales afterward. This was part of the problem that Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023) experienced.

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Pixar’s Elemental (2023) currently has a 73% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 93% audience score. Directed by Peter Sohn, the movie stars the voice talents of Leah Lewis as Ember Lumen, Mamoudou Athie as Wade Ripple, Ronnie del Carmen as Bernie Lumen, Shila Ommi as Cinder Lumen, Wendi McLendon-Covey as Gale, Catherine O’Hara as Brook Ripple, and Mason Wertheimer as Clod.

It follows the story of Wade and Ember in Element City – a water element and fire element and their love story in a world where elements don’t mix.

Some sources state that Elemental (2023) is still eying a global haul of $500 million. But we shall see how long its slow burn will last…

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