“Elemental” Sees Spectacular Box-Office Turnaround

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This is excellent news for the new Pixar film!

Box office performance is one of the most significant indicators of a movie’s success in the entertainment industry. It measures the revenue a movie generates from ticket sales, both domestically and internationally. The performance of a movie at the box office is a crucial factor in the decision-making process of studios and production houses. However, despite meticulous planning and a massive marketing budget, some movies fail to reach their potential.

When Elemental opened in movie theaters last weekend, it was a surprise to no one that it did not receive great numbers.

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Credit: Pixar Animation

Was “Elemental” Set up to Fail?

Right now, Pixar badly needs a win. After a rough stumble with the film Lightyear, audiences were really hoping that Elemental would be a great film. Luckily, the Pixar movie is actually getting great reviews. Elemental is charming, gorgeously animated, and full of meaningly messaging. Sadly, the love from fans did not show in their box-office revenue.

According to Screenrant, “Elemental had one of the worst-performing debuts in Pixar history.”

Fans were quick to call out that Elemental was not marketed in a way that seemed desirable to fans. The film seemed like it was going to be a cheesy love story with an “opposites attract” trope. In reality, Elemental is much deeper than that, and the misrepresentation really hurt the film’s box-office performance.

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Credit: Pixar

A Victory for Weekend Two

However, all is not entirely lost for the film. For weekend two, Elemental only dropped 39% from its opening weekend. In the grand scheme of things, this is an excellent retention. While Elemental is not going to be a big money maker for Pixar, this second weekend does show that the film did end up pleasing fans.

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Credit: Pixar Animation

Hopefully, Pixar will learn from this experience for their next release. Pixar Animation Studios is a valuable asset and an incredible movie studio, so fans are really hoping that they have a hit sometime soon.

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