Take a Walk Through The Actual Barbie Dreamhouse!

barbie dreamhouse mattel gret gerwig margot robbie barbie movie pink
Credit: Architectural Digest/ YouTube

The Barbie movie totally monopolizes the internet every time any new detail gets revealed. And Architectural Digest just got a VIP tour with the movie’s star, Margot Robbie, and even more inside scoop from director Greta Gerwig about what it took to bring the Barbie Dreamhouse into reality. Hint: It involves a massive amount of pink paint, plastic, and childhood nostalgia.

When I say a massive amount of pink, I mean that the creation of this movie set actually caused a shortage of pink paint. The shades of pink are carefully chosen and vast. Even the “whitest” paint used on the set is actually a very light shade of pink! There are pink walls, a pink refrigerator, pink chairs, etc. – but let’s look into the most genius design highlights of the Barbie Dreamhouse.

barbie dreamhouse mattel gret gerwig margot robbie barbie movie pink floats to car

Credit: Architectural Digest/ YouTube

The Two-Dimensional Elements

In true Barbie Dreamhouse play set fashion, some elements are three-dimensional while others are simply decals! Margot Robbie takes Architectural Digest into Barbie’s kitchen, where the refrigerator door has 3D objects, but the body is just a sticker with food like a toy! The same goes for her dishwasher.

The pool has to be the best flat surface. Scenes show Barbie sliding down from her bedroom to the backyard’s outside pool on a luxurious hot pink slide. I mean, why not? But there is no water in Barbie land. In fact, there are no elements! Even in Barbie’s shower! Robbie laughs that people on set still strove to walk around the pool’s water even though it was a fake flat surface only meant to resemble water.

barbie dreamhouse mattel gret gerwig margot robbie barbie movie pink 2D flat pool

Credit: Architectural Digest/ YouTube

Barbie’s Magic See-Through Closet

Greta Gerwig really outdid herself with the idea for this design. The Barbie director wanted the closet to be clear to replicate the experience of seeing Barbie and her wardrobe through the plastic on a doll’s packaging. So the doors are glass and completely see-through as Barbie’s outfits magically appear every morning and simply materialize on her body. Is this…the…dream?

barbie dreamhouse mattel gret gerwig margot robbie barbie movie pink magic see through closet outfits

Credit: Architectural Digest

The Open Concept Design

One of the best parts is that every structure on the Barbie Land set is completely open-concept! Meaning there are no walls! Just like the real Dreamhouse…otherwise, how could kids move the dolls from room to room? According to Robbie, all the Barbies are able to wake up in the morning and wave to each other because they can literally see into each other’s hot pink houses.

That part isn’t ideal for me personally, but the cuteness persists. Greta Gerwig even made sure that Margot Robbie’s Barbie effortlessly floats down into her convertible from her house because, of course, “No one walks their Barbie down the stairs!”

Fans of fun, authentic attention to detail, and a little childhood magic are going to love the Barbie Dreamhouse tour and probably Barbie the movie as well! See it in theaters on July 21, and check out the full Architectural Digest video below!

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