Gen Z Thinks This Actor Is Too Old To Be A Leading Man

Ryan Gosling

Ageism is no joke, and though women in the entertainment industry are often the victims of this thinking, actor Ryan Gosling is in question this week. That’s right – of all stars that people almost universally agree are the hottest of hot, Ryan Gosling is under fire for supposedly being “too old” to play Ken in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie movie.

Robbie and Gosling 'Barbie'

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Critics have cited his wrinkles, suggesting that he should “moisturize” or that he looks like Ken’s “mid-life crisis.” I’m not sure what wrinkles they’re referring to, but the Notebook (2004) and La La Land (2016) star is used to being under a microscope. See the social media hate below, but brace yourself because it is dramatic:

1) I cant get over how awful Ryan Gosling looks in this Barbie movie. I thought so before when we saw filming/stills, but now we have a trailer and it’s official He looks like a 40yo man with a mid-life crisis – too old to be Ken Margot looks in her mid-late 20s – good age for [Barbie.]

2) Ryan Gosling looks elderly and moon-faced. Absolutely disgusting that they put in this movie next to a literal goddess. Put him on hospice already, he hit the wall half a decade ago.

3) ryan gosling is too ugly and too old to be playing ken, they should’ve casted henry cavill or chris evans bye

These Tweeters know that these actors aren’t actually plastic dolls, right? I wasn’t even going to include that last one, but this clap back made it worth it:

Mind you Ryan Gosling is 42 while Henry Cavill is 39 and Chris Evans is 41 so what’s your point exactly

Here’s some more people who’ve got Ryan’s Gosling back, which seem to be the majority.

1) “ryan gosling isn’t fit to play ken” explain this then.

2) ryan gosling was born to be ken you can’t tell me otherwise

3) not a single thought behind that man eyes god ryan gosling is the perfect ken

4) Ok I’m not gay, but imagine calling Ryan Gosling of all people ugly…

As for Gosling’ thoughts:

Ryan Gosling says the role of Ken in ‘BARBIE’ is “the role [he] was born to play.”

Barbie has sparked a discussion not only about ageism, but sexism as well and what themes the Barbie film might get the audience thinking about.

Some of the #Barbie discourse being whether Ryan Gosling is past his prime and not recognizing the acting skill he brings to the table, which is usually what would happen to the female lead. Even the discourse of this movie is playing 4D chess.

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The biggest argument from supporters, besides the fact that they think he looks great, is Gosling’s acting ability. Ryan Gosling has proved his ability as a comedic and dramatic actor, and audiences expect great things from his interpretation of Ken!

Warner Bros.’ Barbie is in theaters this July and also stars Margot Robbie, Simu Liu, Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, America Ferrera, and more!

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