Mom reimagines Barbie dollhouse into the Magical Casa Madrigal from Disney’s “Encanto”

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A mom and daughter team has worked hard to create a very unique twist on Encanto fun, using a bit of imagination, determination, and Disney magic to reimagine an old Barbie Dream House into a unique take on the magical Casa Madrigal.

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Jasmine Maestas‘ four-year-old daughter Zariyah loves Disney’s Encanto. No, we mean she really loves Encanto–so much so, that she has watched the story about the family Madrigal, casita, and “the one we don’t talk about” every single day since the animated feature debuted on Disney+ in December 2021.

In fact, Zariyah loves the movie so much, that she begged her mother to buy her a dollhouse version of the magical Casa Madrigal, also called “casita,” so she could play with it while she watched Encanto. There was only one problem: Jasmine Maestas couldn’t find an Encanto-themed dollhouse anywhere.

So, she decided to create the magical Casa Madrigal herself, using an old Barbie dollhouse as the base.

Encanto's Mirabel

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“I couldn’t find one that was interactive enough for her, so I decided to make one that was,” Maestas said.

The determined mom used an old Barbie dollhouse that Zariyah had. The original dollhouse had four rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Before she could go any further, Maestas had to remove everything from the Barbie dollhouse and cover the entire plastic structure in primer.

It was quite the feat for Jasmine Maestas, as, by her own account, she’s not an artist.

“I don’t know how to draw. I’ve never painted a pretty picture in my life,” she said. “I sat down and looked at pictures of casita, watched the movie, and asked my daughter whose rooms she wanted to have.”

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With the help of her daughter, Maestas arrived at the decision to have rooms in the Madrigal house for Mirabel, Isabela, Luisa, Antonio, and Bruno. There would also be two smaller areas for Dolores and Camilo.

Zariyah’s mom Jasmine said that once she and her daughter decided which members of the Madrigal family from Disney’s Encanto would inhabit one of the 7 rooms inside the new dollhouse, she began watching the movie on repeat so that she could make the rooms as close to the film as possible.

In an online video, Maestas showed footage of the painted dollhouse. It’s had almost 300,000 views.


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♬ The Family Madrigal – Stephanie Beatriz & Olga Merediz & Encanto – Cast

Over the next few weeks, Maestas posted more videos, each one documenting progress on the new abode for the Madrigal family.

Two of the videos detail Maestas’ creation of the bedroom for Mirabel, the film’s main character who at first appears to be the only ordinary Madrigal, but as we learn later in the film, she’s anything but ordinary.

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♬ Waiting On A Miracle – Stephanie Beatriz

Further videos give even more details about the elements Maestas added to the Encanto-inspired dream house, such as a special red chair for Bruno, and even a swing for Isabela.

“It took me about seven weeks, and I had no help,” Jasmine Maestas said. “It turned into a bigger project than I originally intended.”

The dedicated mom says she spent approximately $150 renovating the Barbie dollhouse and reimagining it into an adorable version of the magical Casa Madrigal.

She explained that some of the added costs came from “interactive elements” she included in the house for her daughter Zariyah, such as a floating bed in the room for Isabela, as well as a vine swing that stretches all the way down the side of the dollhouse.

encanto dollhouse

Credit: Insider/TikTok – Jasmine Maestas

Inside the bedroom she created for Bruno (we don’t talk about him, but we’ll talk about his bedroom), Maestas added a kinetic sand bin that she made from a Barbie swimming pool. In the bedroom for Mirabel’s sister Luisa, she built a hammock and included weights in the room for Zariyah to play with.

In a video that details Maestas’ work on the bedroom for Isabela, Zariyah’s mom confesses that she may be more obsessed with the new house for the Madrigal family than her daughter is.


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♬ What Else Can I Do? – Diane Guerrero & Stephanie Beatriz

“My daughter loved all of it,” Maestas said. “She played with the dollhouse throughout the entire renovation process. I never kept it away from her since it was her project from the beginning.”

Since she finished the new magical Casa Madrigal, Maestas says that her daughter has played with it every time she watches Encanto.

encanto dollhouse barbie dreamhouse

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“It’s so exciting to see her recognize that the dollhouse is now Casita, and she knows who each room belongs to,” she said. “It makes me happy knowing that she was happy that I did it for her. She’s so gentle with it too.”

While the Madrigal family‘s new casita was a success, it seems that Jasmine Maestas isn’t quite finished with her Disney home construction hobby. On her TikTok account, Jasmine has featured videos of her work on a dollhouse inspired by Disney’s Alice in Wonderland as well.

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