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Twelve-year-old girl says she “didn’t feel beautiful” until she saw Disney’s “Encanto”

A young Disney fan in England says she didn’t feel like she was beautiful enough until she saw Disney’s Encanto for the first time. Why? Because she wears glasses.

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Disney films have a way of drawing us in and becoming very meaningful to us. Encanto has been one such film. Fans have taken to social media to post about how they have identified with one or more characters in the film. The same has happened for a little girl in England.

Twelve-year-old Lowri, who lives in Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom, was only nine years old when she first wrote a letter to Disney, asking them to please make a movie about a character who wears glasses. Lowri says she wrote the letter because she’s the only one in her family who must wear glasses. Sadly, because of her glasses, Lowri just didn’t feel very pretty.

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“I felt a bit alone,” she explained, “and I didn’t feel like I was beautiful enough.”

So she wrote a letter to then-CEO Robert Iger, pleading with Disney to create a movie with a character who wears glasses. And though you might think a letter to a big outfit like Disney would get lost, land in the wrong person’s inbox (if it got to an inbox at all), or go unnoticed, quite the opposite happened.

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Jared Bush, one of the directors of Disney’s Encanto, says that when Lowri first wrote her letter, he wasn’t at liberty to share one of Disney’s upcoming projects, already in the works: a little film about the amazing family Madrigal who live in Colombia–a film in which the main character is a young girl who wears glasses.

Not only does the main character, Mirabel wear glasses, but, as Director Jared Bush shares in his tweet, the storyline has a special message in it about those glasses.

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In the film, Mirabel’s mother, Julieta, has a special gift like everyone else (except Mirabel, of course). She’s able to heal people with food. So some fans have asked why Julieta didn’t use food to magically take away Mirabel’s need for glasses (and her father’s need for glasses too). But according to Bush’s tweet, Julieta feels that Mirabel’s glasses were a part of her, and she wouldn’t want to change that.

Laura Viviana's tweet - "El personaje de la mamá de Mirabel (Julieta) en  Encanto, me hace sentir que hubo una investigación juiciosa y dedicada, una  inmersión de fondo, en mi casa, para

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Lowri seems to really identify with Mirabel. After all, she’s the heroine with glasses for which Lowri had wished so long.

“I absolutely love Mirabel,” Lowri said. “She’s so funny and just such an amazing, brave character.”

Though Bush says that three years ago when Lowri wrote the letter, he wasn’t at liberty to let on that her wish was about to come true, it doesn’t seem to matter to her now.

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“I was just so happy that, even if it wasn’t from my letter or anything, young girls and boys now have a role model [with glasses] to look up to,” she explained.

Lowri has even become an aspiring author, writing a book about a princess who wears glasses. Lowri is also an ambassador for a sight charity. She says she finally feels like her glasses are an important part of who she is, just like Julieta felt about Mirabel, and Lowri’s even glad she wears glasses.

“I wouldn’t really want to not wear glasses,” she said. “I feel like my glasses are kind of a part of me.”

We think Mirabel and Julieta would agree.

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