Disney Is Hiring AI Specialists Amidst the Tense Writer’s and Actor’s Strikes

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Who needs writers anyways?

Right now, one of the most significant new stories in the country is the ongoing strikes happening within the film industry’s writing and acting unions. In the vast realm of entertainment, clashes between talent and the corporate world are not new. Disney is no stranger to such conflicts, but the way in which the company is responding to these particular strikes is quite interesting.

At the center of it all: Disney CEO Bob Iger and his search to expand Disney’s AI team.

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Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Disney’s Writers?

Until the Hollywood writers union and actors union are given fair pay for their work and residuals, this strike will continue. This has resulted in major delays in production for numerous Disney movies and TV show series that were meant to be filmed this summer. Bob Iger has openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the strikes, landing him in hot water from the public for his opinion.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney has posted numerous job positions looking for candidates “focused on AI and machine learning.” Disney’s studio is not alone in this job search, Netflix is also looking to hire AI jobs as well.

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The timing of these job postings has led fans to believe that Disney is looking to use AI writing tools as potential future replacements for writers. The thought of this is quite scary for the future of writers everywhere.

Why AI Would Ruin Disney

As a writer, I may be biased in saying that Disney should not be replacing their writers with AI. If anything, Disney needs to double down and invest in quality writers who can provide new, innovative stories. With numerous sequels and remakes ending up being duds this year, now more than ever, Disney needs something fresh.

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While obviously, this is all depending on when the strike is over, it is important that Disney knowns fans value writers.

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