Queue the Entertainment! The Best Queues to Wait On in Walt Disney World

Avatar: Flight of Passage

Let’s face it, waiting in line can be boring. But thankfully all of the attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort feature immersive theming and details that make Guests feel as though they are moving through an experience and not just standing in a line. Some of the queues found in the Disney Parks even feature interactive elements to help Guests feel entertained and distracted, helping to make the time go past even quicker. Let’s check out some of the best queues to wait in throughout Walt Disney World!

Haunted Mansion sign

Haunted Mansion (Credit: Disney)

Haunted Mansion

One of the most beloved attractions in all of Walt Disney World is the Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. The attraction begins the moment Guests step through the gates and join the queue as they soon find themselves moving through an interactive graveyard that sets up the story for the rest of the experience. Guests can figure out a murder mystery story with the Dread family, interact with musical elements on a crypt, help a poet from beyond finish rhymes, get splashed by a ghostly sea captain, and figure out a cryptic riddle based on symbols on the spines of spirited books. There are also plenty of tombstones throughout the Haunted Mansion’s graveyard that pays tribute to Imagineers that worked on the project including Master Gracey (Yale Gracey) and Madame Leota (Leota Toombs) who even opens her eyes from beyond to check out Guests as they pass. The Haunted Mansion’s queue then continues into the foyer where a ghostly portrait of Master Gracey ages into skeletal remains followed by the ominous stretching room where the Ghost Host is introduced. With so much to see between the graveyard and the stretching room, Guests completely forget that they are still technically in the queue and haven’t even boarded their Doom Buggies yet!

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Peter Pan's Flight

Credit: Disney

Peter Pan’s Flight

Another classic in the Magic Kingdom is Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland. The queue plays classic music from the Disney animated film and brings Guests into the home of the Darlings beginning outside where they can find the silhouette of Mr. and Mrs. Darling as they get dressed for an evening out. Once inside of the home, Guests can spot portraits of the children before entering into the nursery where Tinkerbell causes all sorts of happenings. There are interactive elements where Guests can reach up and use their shadows to make bells ring and the time will fly by as Guests track Tinkerbell as she slits about making objects move all around. The final moments of the queue come when Guests move down a hallway and are sprinkled with pixie dust ensuring that they are ready to board their pirate ships and take off on the actual attraction portion of Peter Pan’s Flight.

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Tower of Terror Sign

Credit: Disney

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is an eerie experience from the very moment that Guests step foot onto Sunset Boulevard and notice the building in the distance. As Guests approach and join the attraction’s queue, they hear mournful jazz music from the 1930s begin to drown out all other sounds except for the screams of Guests up above on the attraction. Guests then move through gardens that are thick with fog before coming up to the foundation and patio of the Hollywood Tower Hotel where negligence and decay have clearly taken hold. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror’s highlight is the lobby where there is such an intricate level of detail to showcase how Guests simply got up and left one day to never return. The entire experience builds a sense that something has gone terribly wrong and Guests learn the true story as they enter into the library for the preshow with Rod Serling. The final stage of the queue is the boiler room where Guests watch elevators filled with other Guests leaving and returning empty. With so many layers of storytelling and detail, the queue of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of the best in all of Walt Disney World.

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Rise of the Resistance

Credit: Disney

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

A queue that showcases amazing levels of storytelling and immersing Guests in the experience before even boarding is Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Guests begin the queue outside where they can spot ships belonging to members of the Rebel Alliance before entering into the hidden base. While the queue itself is filled with details as Guests wind their way through it, it’s the several preshows that make Guests forget that they are actually waiting in a line. First Guests encounter BB-8 and a holographic Rey who tells them that they are to be transported to a secret base for their safety before boarding the transport ship and actually taking off. Things take a turn as Guests find themselves intercepted by a Star Destroyer and taken prisoner, leading to disembarking in a massive holding bay with armed stormtroopers and stunning views of the passing ships outside. After being taken prisoner, Guests are put into a holding cell where General Hux and Kylo Ren threaten them and the Resistance arrives to rescue them. It’s literally only then that Guests board the actual attraction, proving that Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance has an incredible queue that negates any feeling of simply standing in line.

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Flight of Passage

Avatar Flight of Passage (Credit: Disney)

Avatar Flight of Passage

One of the most popular attractions in all of Walt Disney World also features one of the most beautiful and immersive queues. Avatar Flight of Passage in Pandora – the World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom brings Guests on an unforgettable adventure riding on the back of a banshee. Before Guests get anywhere near the ride portion of the attraction, they pass through a lengthy and incredible immersive queue. Beginning outdoors, Guests move through otherworldly vegetation and the beautiful floating mountains, getting higher and higher and ultimately standing near a waterfall and looking down at the Valley of Mo’ara below. After passing briefly through caves filled with Na’vi artwork, Guests move through industrial corridors and into an area that is slowly being reclaimed by the natural bioluminescent forest. The next portion of the queue moves through laboratories where Guests can check out all sorts of amazing technology including a life-sized Na’vi. The first of two preshow areas then begins with Guests being decontaminated, linked to an Avatar, and prepped for their adventure. The final portion of the queue involves the second preshow where Guests meet Dr. Ogden who explains how they will link to their Avatar and experience the Na’vi rite of passage of riding on a banshee. This incredibly immersive queue showcases how Avatar Flight of Passage is much more than just the incredible ride portion.

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Test Track

Credit: DisneyDining

Test Track Presented by Chevrolet

The World Discovery area of EPCOT is home to Test Track Presented by Chevrolet, a popular attraction that brings the design elements of the automotive industry to life. Before boarding the attraction and moving through a series of tests and high-speed loops, Guests can enjoy a queue that is sure to keep them entertained. The first portions of the attraction’s queue feature displays showcase the innovations and technology that are being introduced into the automotive industry. Guests can check out model cars and engine elements before moving into a design studio where they can create their own SIM cars. Guests have control over everything from color and tire size to stylistic elements, and they can adjust things to focus on the skills of capability, power, responsiveness, and efficiency. While the actual ride of Test Track Presented by Chevrolet is thrilling, the queue and interactive design elements are just as enjoyable!

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Expedition Everest

Credit: Disney

Expedition Everest

A thrilling attraction found in the Asia area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Expedition Everest. The attraction is supposed to bring Guests to the base camp of Everest using a shortcut through the mountains, but things go haywire when the Yeti becomes involved. The queue of Expedition Everest is beautifully done with many details throughout that help to bring the legend of the Yeti to life. Guests move through outdoor temple areas where statues and shrines to the protector of the mountain can be found before moving indoors and passing through the offices of the climbing company that is bringing them to base camp. The final portion of the queue is the most memorable to Guests as it is a museum about the Yeti that tells the creature’s story through artifacts, artwork, history, and more. There is even a display that showcases a destroyed campsite of prior climbers, hinting at what is to come. While there are no interactive elements or preshows, the queue of Expedition Everest is one of the best thanks to its detailing and foreshadowing of the adventure to come once on board.

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Millennium Falcon

Credit: Disney

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge is home not only to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, but also Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. This thrilling attraction gives Guests the opportunity to board the beloved ship from the films and participate in a smuggling operation run by Hondo. As Guests first enter the queue, they pass underneath and around the Millennium Falcon presenting them with the opportunity to truly appreciate the ship up close. A preshow then features an extremely advanced audio-animatronic figure of Hondo where he explains the smuggling mission that Guests are about to embark on. The final portion of the queue is the most thrilling for Guests as they get to actually enter into the Millennium Falcon and explore the common area of the ship where the famous table that Chewbacca played dejarik can be posed with. The actual flight on the Millennium Falcon is unforgettable, but the queue also gives Guests the chance to live out a Star Wars dream aboard the ship.

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Credit: Disney

Soarin’ Around the World

EPCOT’s World Nature neighborhood is home to the beautiful Land Pavilion where several attractions can be found. Soarin’ Around the World is located on the lower level of the pavilion and invites Guests to take to the skies on a hang-gliding adventure over some of the most iconic locations on Earth. Since the attraction can typically have a long wait time, the queue features an interactive trivia game that Guests can play on their phones. Projected up onto massive screens are trivia questions about various international locations that can be seen on the actual attraction. Guests can play along and see who can score the highest while moving through the queue. While there are several portions of the queue that are just typical lines in hallways, the final preshow portion makes up for the lack of theming with Guest favorite Patrick Warburton giving memorable safety instructions.

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