8 Great Things About Peter Pan’s Flight At Walt Disney World

Peter Pan’s Flight in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is one of the most beloved—and short—attractions in all of the parks.  It has commanded attention and long waits in Fantasyland since opening day.  Here are 8 things you will love about Peter Pan’s Flight:


8. FastPass+

While you may think first of getting a FastPass+ for one of Magic Kingdom’s thrill rides like Space Mountain, 7 Dwarfs Mine Train or Splash Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight should be high on your list.  This attraction is infamous for long wait times.  The best strategy for riding Peter Pan’s Flight with a minimal wait is to hit it at rope drop, or make a FastPass+ reservation to ride it later in the morning (after you’ve maximized your rope drop stand by waits).

7. Global Attraction

Peter Pan’s Flight has been flying across the world!  The popularity of this classic attraction has seen it recreated at multiple parks since the first opened in Disneyland’s Fantasyland.  Walt Disney World in Florida, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Shanghai Disneyland all have their own versions of Peter Pan’s Flight.

6. Nostalgia

Peter Pan’s Flight is a classic attraction that brings guests in by the dozens to relive the nostalgia of the ride.  For many guests, myself included, it is a sense of nostalgia remembering our first trip to Walt Disney World as a child and being amazed riding this flying ship over the streets of London and off to Never Never Land.  For others it is nostalgia over the animated motion picture Peter Pan and the period in time it represents.  Or even the sentiment of the stories of never growing up and always hanging on to a bit of our childhood.  Either way, it is a feel good attraction (as long as you had a FastPass and didn’t wait for an hour plus to ride).

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5. Visuals

Peter Pan’s Flight does not rely on sophisticated Audio Animatronics or state of the art projections and ride vehicles to immerse the guest in the story.  Instead, Imagineers used more low-tech visual “tricks” to create the fantasy environment in Peter Pan’s Flight.  The attraction is set at night, so everything inside is painted with special pigments and illuminated with black lights.  I think my 6 year old is just as thrilled with how his shoes and clothes glow as we go through the attraction as anything else.  Imagineers also incorporated the use of forced perspective where smaller objects are made to look larger by the scaling used.  All of this contributes to the look and feel of the attraction.

4. Hidden Mickeys

Peter Pan’s Flight is not without its secret Hidden Mickeys sprinkled throughout the ride and queue.  Check the painted trees in the line to see if you spot a three circle Mickey Head.  On the attraction look down as you fly over Nana and her doghouse, you may see one on the ground.  And if your timing is just right watch the moon as it rotates as you fly over London.

3. Opening Day Attraction

Peter Pan’s Flight carries a lot of history with it—part of the reason for the nostalgia in #6.  This attraction was an opening day attraction at both Disneyland in 1955 and Walt Disney World in 1971.  That means the Walt Disney World version is almost 50 years old.  I think it has held up pretty well for its age, and continues to delight guests young & old.

2. London

My absolute favorite ride scene in the attraction is when you first take off out of the Darling’s house and begin to fly over the city of London.  The details here are amazing and it really gives the ride a jump start by engaging your imagination.  One of the features that has fascinated me since my first ride are the cars rolling down the streets.  The Imagineers created those using a bike chain and painting certain links with the reflective paint to shine like headlights under the black light.

1. The Interactive Queue

One of the main upgrades to Peter Pan’s Flight was the addition of a new indoor queue line a few years ago.  Taking over what used to be a restroom (thank you for making room for the new, fabulous Tangled restrooms), the interactive queue is detailed, beautiful and fun.  Since we have those long lines for Peter Pan’s Flight taking you indoors and giving you so many fun things to watch and do really helps the time go by, especially for children (and the young at heart).  My two favorite parts of the queue are the shadows of the bells you can ring as you go by, and the sprinkling of Pixie Dust as you exit.  It is almost worth waiting in line to get to experience the queue—as long as you do it early in the morning before too long of a line has had time to build.

Is Peter Pan’s Flight one of your favorite attractions?  What do you love about it?

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