12 Things You Might Not Know About Test Track In Epcot’s Future World

Test Track is one of those attractions that you may hear before you see it. If you are walking through Future World West and hear a whooooshhhh; you are probably walking near Test Track. You might not see it because the car track is above you as you approach the attraction.

12. The attraction space originally opened as World of Motion and was changed to the first version of Test Track in 1998. The circular shape of the building may remind you of a steering wheel, especially if your first view of it is from the Monorail riding into the Epcot station. This is considered to be a thrill ride and is sponsored by Chevrolet. In the Standby queue you will see concept vehicles from Chevrolet and you are given a great view inside designing new vehicles. There are no more test dummies and slamming doors that were featured in the previous Test Track. Now you will enjoy soothing music, lighting, and great graphics to entertain you while you wind through the structured spaces. What you are learning about designing a vehicle will be useful throughout the attraction.

11. The “story” is you are being given a look inside what it takes to make a car “road worthy”. To start you off you are invited inside the design studio itself where you can design your own vehicle. You will choose what is most important to you: capability, efficiency, responsiveness and power. You learn that each choice you make will affect the other parameters of your vehicle. You will also be able to work on the design elements. You will enter a design studio and choose an available computer station. You touch your MagicBand or admission ticket to the touchpoint and follow the directions given by the computer, in the language of your choice.

10. Single Riders have an abbreviated design session so if you want to do extensive designing go through the Standby line.

9. You then board the test vehicle and go on a high speed ride to test its capability. Just before you board, make sure you touch your MagicBand or RFID ticket to the touchpoint to load your vehicle design into the car computer. You will see how your SimCar performs through each test.

8. After you exit your SimCar you will find the ride photos for your viewing and if you would like to purchase them you can there. Moving on we come to Design Central and you can redesign your vehicle if you did not like the way it performed in the driving tests.

7. There are more simulators, games, photo backdrops with your vehicle that you can email, and of course a showroom full of wonderful Chevrolet vehicles to examine.

6. From the post-ride area you exit through the gift shop “After Market Shop” where you will find hats celebrating the brands of Chevy, some NASCAR merchandise, shirts, and some other unique car-themed items. The Penny Press in the gift shop and the Dog Tag press, as well as a photo booth that creates Test Track ID cards gives you more souvenir choices.


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5. Details about the Track:
• There are 34 turns on the ride
• The physical bumpy, hot and cold, parts of the original Test Track are gone, but the track is exactly the same.
• The angle on the track you see from below at the entrance is 50-degrees. Going 65mph along this angle actually feels like 90mph
• Vehicle tests include: Hill climb, Suspension, Brake, Environmental, Handling, Barrier, High-Speed
• Track length is 5,246 feet, 2600 feet being on the outside.
• Ride is 5 ½ minutes long
• The 15-degree hill at the beginning of the ride is a 3-story incline

4. Details about the Vehicle:
• These cars are considered to be the most complicated ride vehicle in Walt Disney World. It actually has onboard computers with processing capability that is triple that of the Space Shuttle.
• Unlike on-road vehicles, these car chassis are made only of composite materials, no steel.
• It can generate up to 250 horsepower reaching speeds up to 65mph. That makes this ride the fastest on any Disney property. They can actually go from 0-65mph in 8.8 seconds. (Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster and Expedition Everest reach speeds up to 65mph.)
• Is a 6-person “SimCar”
• Each car has 22 wheels and 6 braking systems
• Each car is designed to last for 1,000,000 miles
• Each car travels about 50,000 miles each year

3. Tips: If you are doing the Child Swap the person waiting with the child will find a convenient waiting area just past the exit where they can wait for the first rider to come swap child duties with. FastPass+ is available and is a Tier 1 attraction so you will have to choose between Test Track, Soarin’, and Frozen Ever After. We recommend choosing Test Track early in the day along with two others from Tier 2. After you have completed the third early FP+ you can go to a FP+ Kiosk or use your My Disney Experience App and select an additional FP+. Test Track will shut down for bad weather as it is an Outside Attraction so get it early during the spring and summer rainy season. Character Meet and Greet: There are no characters for meet and greets here.

2. Attraction timeline:
• January 2, 1996, World of Motion closes to be renovated into Test Track(which was announced with a mid-1997 opening)
• March 17, 1999 Test Track opened, after a long time delay due to the complex ride system
• April 16, 2012 refurbishment to the current Test Track: track remained but the story, the queue, and the show scenes were completely redone.
• December 6, 2012 ride reopens as Test Track by Chevrolet

1. Attraction details:
• 40” height requirement
• FastPass+ /Standby line and the only Single Rider line in Epcot.
• The renovation of World of Motion to Test Track was anticipated to open after a 19-month process. However, due to continual design changes which brought with it extended testing phases drug the date into a nightmare. Imagineers were finding terrible tire and axel issues, challenges to having adequate guest evacuation, computer issues, and reportedly safety sensors that were extremely sensitive, all creating a tangled and complicated couple of years.
• This is a great attraction, don’t miss it!

Other attraction information:
The closest restaurant: is a counter-service: Electric Umbrella in Innoventions Plaza. There is a snack cart nearby that has pretzels, cookies, potato chips, etc. and bottled drinks.
There are restrooms: located straight out from the entrance toward Mouse Gear.
Cast Member Instructions: put on your safety belt, remain seated and keep your arms, hands, legs and feet inside the vehicle at all times. Supervise your children.



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