The Biggest Stories of 2022 According to YOU

Top Disney stories

2022 was quite a year to be a  Disney fan! From ride reopenings to CEO firings, this year has been a non-stop thrill ride. If you ask us,the best Disney stories from this year have included a little girl who got reconstructive surgery after being denied entry to a Disney store, Jack’s balloon, Walt Disney World Railroad reopening and Bob Chapek’s firing. However,  we wanted to know what you the readers loved the most this year. Buckle up as we recap our top 10 articles from 2022– It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Top 10 Disney stories

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Number 10: Drunk Couple Dangles Their Baby Over the Side of Dumbo

Back in March, a couple who had…imbibed a bit too much put their baby in danger at Magic Kingdom. They decided that 17 feet in the air on Dumbo was the perfect time to pull a Rafiki (ala Lion King) and hold their baby in the air. Luckily the baby was ok and the couple was kicked out of the Park. A Cast Member said, “They were escorted away and arrested once outside the park gates. It was very scary to witness.”

Top 10 Disney stories

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Number 9: Disney Slapped With Lawsuit Over New Theme Park

Rumors of a new Disney Park started to circulate in the fall. The park was said to be based in Malaysia but the rumor was false. These rumors usually don’t appear out of nowhere, they usually are the result of intial talks and boardroom ideas that never make it past the beginning stages. This isn’t the first time this has happened and last time Disney was sued for over a billion dollars for alleged breach of contract.

Top 10 Disney stories

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Number 8: Boy Jumps Out of Splash Mountain 

In January we experienced a “kids will be kids but please stop them” moment.  In a story that is every parents nightmare a young boy made a daring leap. The family was riding Disney’s iconic Splash Mountain when it came to a stop. Their child then left his boat and refused to get back in. The parents had to cajole the boy back into the ride vehicle before it was allowed to resume.

Top 10 Disney stories

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Number 7: Guests Protest Park Passes 

Disney’s park reservation system has not been popular with Guests.  Most hope that the reinstatement of CEO Bob Iger will put an end to the frustrating and limiting process. At Disneyland Paris Guests decided they’d had enough and protested! This lead to heightened security and operational disruptions Resort wide ( and didn’t get rid of the reservations either).

Top 10 Disney stories

Number 6:  Guest Goes Viral For Inappropriate Attire 

Disney has a dress code and Guests love to push the limit. Earlier this year, many TikTokers went viral for breaking the dress code on purpose. However, one so-called influencer went  way beyong and went viral for her extremely inappropriate top… which was….well… you’ll just have to see it to believe it.

Top Disney stories

Number 5: Disney Imposes New Restrictions 

You really seemed to want to be “in-the-know” about the rapidly changing rules and regulations this year. Things changed a lot this year as the Parks struggled to bounce back to normal-ish after the Pandemic.  Coming in at number 5 was Disney’s parking restrictions for resort hotels.

Depp dating lawyer

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Number 4: Disney Refuses to Appologize to Johnny Depp 

If there’s one thing you really loved this year it was a Johnny Depp. The infamous Depp/Heard defamation trial dominated the headlines this year but one story in particular was head and shoulders above the rest. In June, after Depp won the defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard, fans expected Disney to apologize for firing him without due process of law. That didn’t happen. Disney has yet to issue any kind of apology or statement on behalf of Depp who was the driving force behind the spectacular sucess of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Venice High school

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Number 3: Disney Refused to Allow High School Band to Perform 

In November,  a high school band was forced to pull out of a planned performance due to their mascot. There were so many dismaying things about this story, including the biggest question of all: why wasn’t Disney upfront with the school when they booked the band to play?


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Number 2: April Fools!

We love a good prank here at Disney Dinjng and on April Fools Day, we got you good! April Fools Day is a Disney blogs favorite holiday because its the one day of the year we get to get our imagination run wild. It’s become a bit of a traditon for most Disney news sites to write a completely fake article on April 1st, with each site trying to top the other. It’s no secret that we have no love for Disney’s live-action remakes, so for our April Fools prank we decided to let our imagination wander to a perfect world where live-action remakes are no more. That was of course just a joke and  with such an extensive library from Walt Disney Animation to choose from, live-action films are still in production and they probably won’t stop on the foreseeable future. From the Little Mermaid to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, there are many more live-action remakes to come.

magic kingdom fight

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Number 1: Disney Issues New Warning to Guests

Fights and bad guest behavior are on the rise at Disney Parks. Both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort saw a record number of fights, guns, and overall poor behavior from Guests this year. As a result Disney issued a warning statement on their website reminding Guests that proper behavior is required and anyone who doesn’t follow the rules will be kicked out.

There you have it. This is Disney Dining’s top Disney stories from 2022 as chosen (based on number of clicks per article) by you. I told you it would be a bumpy ride didn’t I? What a year this has been.  Before we wrap up, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include a few honrable mentions:

Stay tuned right here in the New Year because we are only just getting g started! We can’t wait to see what 2023 brings!


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