Guests Share Their Most Controversial Disney Opinions

Guests Share Their Most Controversial Disney Opinions
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Walt Disney World is a place where the impossible seemingly comes to life. It’s a Resort filled with wonder, stories to be told, and memories to be made. There’s so much to see and do at Disney World; putting the amazing experience into words isn’t easy. It’s also where many like to voice their unpopular or controversial Disney opinions. These opinions can get you in trouble with the Disney faithful as they swear by certain foods, rides, and entertainment at the Parks. Disagreeing that certain attractions aren’t fun or areas of the Parks need to be redone can ruffle some feathers. However, I’m convinced everyone has at least one controversial Disney opinion. There’s something at Disney World with a mass following of loyal fans that you simply don’t enjoy. Recently, Disney fans on Reddit ripped the bandaid off and had a field day talking about unpopular opinions that could otherwise get them in trouble. We’ve also included a few of our own controversial Disney opinions below. So without further ado, here are some of Walt Disney World Guests most controversial opinions.

Controversial Disney Opinion: The Monorail is Lame

Popular Disney Transportation Option Celebrates Fourth of July

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This one is going to upset some folks right off the bat. Some Reddit users insisted that the famous Monorail Line at Walt Disney World is somewhat lame. They pointed out that it is old, there’s always a huge line when exiting Magic Kingdom, they break down a lot, and they smell. Although I can agree that the Monorail often smells a bit funky, I can forgive that as it is moving thousands of sweaty passengers around Seven Seas Lagoon and to EPCOT every day. It also goes right through the Contemporary Resort, which is always fun!

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Many other Reddit users came to Monorail’s defense, stating that it was quintessential Disney and that most modes of Disney transportation are packed if you leave a Park after the nighttime spectacular. The majority of those that chose to respond disagreed passionately with this controversial Disney opinion, and to be honest, I do too. The Monorail is a Disney Parks icon and should be held in high regard! It’s as Disney as Cinderella Castle or Mickey Mouse! If you don’t like it, walk!

Controversial Disney Opinion: Peter Pan Queue is Better Than The Ride

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This one was hard to digest at first, but after some thought, I think I may agree. The high-rail system dark ride opened in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World two days after the Resort officially began operation. Since then, it’s been a fan favorite. Guests will wait literal hours to ride this attraction, but it’s kind of terrible. It’s a good thing that Disney remodeled the queue a few years ago because you’ll be spending a lot of time in it due to the high demand. Just for a quick one-minute tour of London and Neverland themed after a movie most people younger than me haven’t seen or don’t really care about anymore.

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I’ll admit that the last sentence was harsh for me to write. Peter Pan is one of my favorite stories. It’s my favorite animated Disney film; however, in my unpopular Disney opinion, the attraction leaves much to be desired. It seems that many Reddit users agree with me as well. It was repeatedly stated how Peter Pan’s Flight wasn’t that great of a ride, and shockingly, only a few disagreed. It is definitely one of the most controversial Disney opinions out there, as Peter Pan’s Flight has a loyal following of fans who will wait a lifetime standing in line to ride it. 

Controversial Disney Opinion: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Is the Premiere Park

Guests Share Their Most Controversial Disney Opinions

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I recently wrote an entire article dedicated to this unpopular Disney opinion. I believe to my very bones that Animal Kingdom is the best Park at Walt Disney World. It’s okay if you disagree because I don’t need you to. There are plenty of other people who feel the same way. EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios are all nice, but Animal Kingdom is where it’s at! Great food, the best entertainment on Disney property, amazing theming, and some of the best attractions Disney has ever built make this Park the favorite of many! 

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I won’t bore you with an in-depth analysis explaining my argument; you can argue with me here if you disagree. I’m happy others share my affinity for Disney’s Animal Kingdom because it really is the crown jewel of Walt Disney World and Imagineering. It’s nice to know that others appreciate the vast amount of detail that makes this Park stand-out compared to others. I don’t really consider that opinion to be too unpopular! 

Controversial Disney Opinion: Don’t Buy Park-Hoppers, Buy Photopass

Guests Share Their Most Controversial Disney Opinions

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This one, I actually don’t mind so much. I’m an Annual Passholder, so park-hopping isn’t really an issue, but I can see why someone visiting once a year would want to spend an entire day in one Park. It makes sense. Staying in one Park, as opposed to traveling to different ones in one day, allows maximum time to enjoy everything one Park offers. In addition, considering Genie+, Park-Hopping hours, and early Park hours, removing Park Hopping from the equation takes a lot of stress off of your plate.

I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve seen people asking how to get from Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom, or they want to know the fasted way to get from Hollywood Studios to EPCOT (it’s the Disney Skyliner by the way). Instead of worrying about this, just take the bus from your Resort and enjoy the entire day in one Park. You’ll be able to take your time and feel less pressure to do EVERYTHING!

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This Reddit user also suggested purchasing Disney Photopass in their controversial Disney opinion. Here is where I do disagree. Although the magic shots can be cute, in my experience, they are a headache. Instead, ask the Cast Member to use your phone to take a photo. You won’t magically have Tinkerbell or Mickey Mouse hanging around, but you also won’t have to worry about the Magic shot effects not working (which has happened to me a lot). Running upwards of $200, Disney Photopass isn’t worth it.

Controversial Disney Opinion: Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is Better Than The Great Movie Ride

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Before you yell at me, I included this one because people have powerful feelings about The Great Movie Ride. I do too! I miss it every single day. I just miss it. This isn’t to say that Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway isn’t a good ride. It’s okay, but it isn’t The Great Movie Ride. After the ride’s closure in 2017, fans were left with a deep, empty feeling in the pits of their stomach. Although a lot of these fans were okay with the change to the new character-based attraction, many were not! It remains a point of contention for many all these years later.

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It’s understandable as The Great Movie Ride was a perfect attraction that fit so well at Hollywood Studios. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, although the first ride to feature the mouse, doesn’t. It helped to kill some of the original concept that made Hollywood Studios great. It’s a cute ride, but to call it better than The Great Movie Ride is a bit of a stretch and difficult to comprehend. Again, don’t get me wrong, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disney World is awesome, but there’s no way it’s better than The Great Movie Ride.

Controversial Disney Opinion: Park Goers Are Adverse to Change

Controversial Disney Opinion

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This unpopular Disney opinion stings a bit, but it’s true. Accounting for some of the other highlighted controversial Disney opinions in this article, many of them surround the concept of change. People simply don’t like to see their favorite rides, shows, and places become something new, even if it isn’t profitable to keep them the same. Figment is a great example. The ride at EPCOT consistently has a low wait time, and many hate it. It needs to be updated, but because there is a massive following of Figment fans, Disney would be hard-pressed ever to get rid of the attraction. Figment shirts, ears, and coffee mugs keep the lights on over there in the Imagination Pavilion.

figment EPCOT

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Despite the fandom, even attractions and shows that obviously need a retheme are at the mercy of die-hard Disney fans who would instead strap themselves to the entrance of “it’s a small world” instead of seeing it become something better. Disney fans don’t do well with change. They’ll fight over fireworks, parades, and anything else that reminds them of a simpler time when they were young. Nostalgia-fueled memories align loyalties so strong that you will find deceased attraction shirts and memorabilia all over the Parks when you visit. Looking at you Mr. Toad fans!

Mr toad

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That about does it. There are a ton of controversial Disney opinions out there revolving around food, shows, attractions, or the Parks in general. Disneyland isn’t immune either, as loyal Guests have no issue voicing their unpopular opinions. The truth is, you can’t always make everyone happy. For every person who hates Casey’s Corner, five more love it. That’s just the nature of life, but reading Disney fans’ opinions is a lot of fun, right? It sure it! Be sure to share your controversial or unpopular Disney opinions below!

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