Are Disney Guests Becoming Even Ruder Toward Their Fellow Guests? This Report Says Yes.

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It’s true that Walt Disney World Resort is officially tagged as the Most Magical Place on Earth, but it’s only as magical as we make it. And unfortunately, some Guests only set out to make their experience as magical as possible, even if it makes everyone else’s experience (for lack of a better word) unmagical.

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It seems that every other day, we wake up and hear the story of another Guest who has blatantly disrespected the rules. From climbing onto Walt Disney World statues to starting fist fights to even doing drugs while riding classic Magic Kingdom attractions, unruly Guests have become bolder than ever.

Recently, one Guest visited Magic Kingdom with her girlfriend, only to find that another Guest was going out of her way to glare at them and alienate them:

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In this post, the anonymous Guest describes what happened and even says that the experience ruined her mood for the rest of her day at Disney.

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However, it should not go unsaid that the victims in this uncomfortable situation were two people in a same-sex relationship. I’m bringing this up because it’s no secret that Florida has become increasingly hostile toward people who are visibly LGBTQ.

In spite this, Orlando and the Walt Disney World area especially are incredibly accepting areas. That being said, it’s more important now than ever to create a welcoming environment when visiting Walt Disney World.

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Every Guest, regardless of background, deserves to escape the troubles of the real world while visiting. Sometimes, we need to be the magic we want to see in the world.

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